Rey Mysterio’s Shocking Triumph: Snags First Singles Title in 1355 Days

Hey there, fellow wrestling enthusiasts! Buckle up, because we’ve got some news that’ll make you jump out of your seat. Rey Mysterio, the masked marvel, just pulled off a victory that’s leaving jaws on the floor. And guess what? This is his first singles title win in a whopping 1355 days. Yeah, you heard it right – 1355 days!

Here’s the rundown: Santos Escobar, the champ who snagged the US Title Invitational Tournament a couple of weeks back, was all set to defend his title against Austin Theory. Now, Escobar had already shown Theory who’s boss before, so it was like he had a secret recipe for victory.

But wait for it… plot twist time! Tonight on the blue brand, Austin Theory played the surprise card. He pulled a fast one on Escobar during an interview and gave his leg a little ouch. Sneaky, huh? It’s like something out of a spy movie, but in a wrestling ring.

Medical crew checked Escobar out, and guess what? He was given the green signal to wrestle. Now, that’s some serious determination! But here’s where it gets even more exciting – as Escobar was making his grand entrance to the ring, Theory sneaked in again. Yes, again! He gave Escobar another surprise bop and then, wait for it, grabbed the mic and said, “Ref, count this guy out!” Theory thought he had it all figured out.

But hang on, because WWE’s got a surprise of its own. Adam Pearce, the guy in charge, threw a curveball. He announced that Rey Mysterio would be stepping in for Escobar! Talk about turning the tables – that’s like a twist in your favorite movie.

So, Mysterio and Theory squared off in a quick and wild match. It was like watching a ping-pong game, back and forth, back and forth. And then, just when you least expected it, Mysterio hit his signature move, the 619! Bam, like hitting the bullseye in darts. And for the grand finale, he splashed onto Theory and sealed the deal. Victory was his!

And here’s a fun fact – before this epic win, Mysterio’s last US title win was back in the good ol’ days of November 2019. Yeah, that’s how long it’s been – like finding a hidden treasure in your attic.

But there’s more! Mysterio’s big win put an end to Austin Theory’s 259-day rule as champ on WWE SmackDown. It’s like Mysterio swooped in like a superhero and took the spotlight.

So, wrestling buddies, what’s your take on this jaw-dropping twist? Did Mysterio’s surprise victory have you cheering or scratching your head? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Let’s get talking, because this is one wild ride we don’t want to miss out on!

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