“Sofía Vergara’s Upcoming Netflix Crime Drama ‘Griselda’ Gets Release Date”

Hold onto your streaming seats, folks, because Sofía Vergara is making a dramatic comeback! She’s all set to shine in the new crime drama “Griselda” on Netflix, and we’ve got some exciting news.

Sofía Vergara: From “Modern Family” to Netflix Crime Drama

Netflix just spilled the beans – “Griselda” is coming to your screens in January 2024. That’s right, mark your calendars and get ready for some intense crime drama action.

But that’s not all; Netflix also gave us an “extended first look.” Fancy, right? They shared fresh stills of Sofía Vergara, who’s not just the star but also the co-creator and executive producer of this limited series. Talk about wearing many hats!

Eric Newman, one of the creative minds behind “Narcos,” had some high praise for Sofía. He said, “What will really surprise viewers is how she encompasses this complete darkness in her performance — a far cry from the beloved comedic star she’s known as.” So get ready to see a whole new side of Sofía!

Now, let’s talk about the transformation. The official Netflix Twitter account gave us a sneak peek of Vergara’s makeover into Griselda Blanco – the infamous “Godmother” of the underworld. They’ve dubbed her a “woman with substance,” and from the poster, it looks like she’s bringing some serious charisma and ruthlessness to the role.

Sofía Vergara
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The Transformation of Sofía Vergara in “Griselda”: A Darker Role Awaits

But who was Griselda Blanco? Well, she’s been known as ‘The Black Widow’ and the ‘Cocaine Godmother.’ She ruled the drug world from Colombia to Miami, New York, and California. Her drug empire reportedly raked in a jaw-dropping $80 million per month! Talk about a business mogul, right?

However, her story took a dark turn. In 1985, she got arrested, but in 2004, she was out again. Sadly, she met her end in 2012, when a drive-by assassin caught up with her at the age of 69.

Joining Sofía Vergara in this thrilling series are Alberto Guerra, Vanessa Ferlito, Alberto Ammann, Christian Tappán from “Snowfall,” Diego Trujillo, Paulina Dávila, Gabriel Sloyer from “Power,” José Zúñiga, Juliana Aidén Martinez, and Martín Rodriguez. It’s a star-studded cast, folks!

And let’s not forget the brains behind the scenes – Ingrid Escajeda and “Narcos” co-creator Doug Miro are steering this ship as co-showrunners.

So, clear your January schedule because “Griselda” is about to drop, and Sofía Vergara is ready to captivate us with her dark and dramatic side. Popcorn, anyone?

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