Zack Snyder Spills the Beans on His Favorite Fortnite Outfit

During a quick chat at Gamescom, the famous movie director Zack Snyder spilled the beans that he’s not just a regular human, he’s also a big fan of that super popular game where a bunch of folks fight until only one’s left standing – Fortnite! And hold onto your seats, he even has a favorite outfit in the game.

Snyder made a special appearance at Gamescom to let everyone in on a secret: he’s cooking up an online game with others, kind of like a multiplayer story, based on the wild universe of his upcoming Netflix sci-fi movie, Rebel Moon.

Okay, let’s rewind a bit. Zack Snyder is the brain behind some of those superhero movies where caped crusaders do their thing. You might have heard of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Man of Steel.

His movies are like a slow-mo rollercoaster with lots of cool camera tricks and stylish colors. But then, poof, he disappeared from making more superhero stuff after his extra-long version of Justice League. That meant no more superhero shindigs, like the Flashpoint thing.

The Unique Fortnite Choice of Zack Snyder: Exploring the Skin He Rocks in the Game

But, guess what? Snyder spilled the beans again, this time to IGN. It turns out, he got hooked on Fortnite thanks to his kiddo. The funny thing is, his kid wasn’t super into the game’s turbo-charged, crazy action, but Snyder got a kick out of it.

When someone asked him who his bestest Fortnite character is, he laughed and said he’s all about Mr. Meeseeks – a tall, slim, blue guy with a huge head from the Rick & Morty cartoon. Wait, there’s more! He spilled yet another secret sauce: his favorite way to play Fortnite is the no-build mode.

That’s like a button they pressed in the game to get rid of all the crazy construction stuff. It’s like saying, “Let’s just bash each other without building treehouses, okay?” This mode appeared in March 2022 after lots of folks begged for it. Fortnite is like a chameleon, always changing, and even super famous people like Snyder can’t resist its charm.

Speaking of famous folks, you won’t believe who else loves Fortnite – Travis Scott and even Drake! They’re all on the same fun bus. The game keeps updating, adding all sorts of wild things, like new clothes and fancy weapons. And, hold onto your hat, there’s this big update called Chapter 4 Season 4 coming out on August 25.

There’s a rumor it’s going to be all about heists. Imagine sneaking around, stealing stuff in a game – sounds like a blast, right? This new update will even bring out some snazzy skins and cool gadgets like the Rocket Ram and a gizmo called Deployable Briefcase Auto Turret. Who knows what else Fortnite has up its sleeve this time? It’s like a surprise party that never ends!

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