ControlUp Raises $100 Million to Transform Desktop Computing Performance in Remote and Hybrid Work Environments

controlup it 100mlundentechcrunch

controlup it 100mlundentechcrunch

The global shift to remote and hybrid work has necessitated innovative solutions to enhance desktop computing performance. Addressing this need, ControlUp, a startup specializing in monitoring and improving network performance, recently secured $100 million in growth funding.

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With a substantial customer base and impressive revenue growth, ControlUp aims to invest in its tools and expand its operations. By deploying AI-powered agents, ControlUp provides continuous performance monitoring and offers remediation suggestions for optimal user experiences.

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This article delves into the challenges of remote work, ControlUp’s impressive growth, the recent investment funding, and the future of desktop computing in a remote and hybrid work landscape.

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Monitoring and Enhancing Desktop Computing Performance

As remote and hybrid work become the norm, organizations face challenges in maintaining consistent and reliable desktop computing performance. Virtual machines running on networks often suffer from issues like inadequate broadband speed, excessive application load on limited compute power, and high latency affecting application performance. ControlUp recognized these shortcomings and built its technology to address them.

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ControlUp’s mission centers around improving user experience and productivity in desktop computing environments. By deploying intelligent agents on users’ computers, ControlUp provides continual monitoring of applications and devices.

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These agents leverage artificial intelligence to identify performance issues and offer remediation suggestions. Whether automated or manual, these recommendations assist both end-users and IT personnel in resolving specific issues promptly.

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ControlUp’s Impressive Growth and Customer Base

ControlUp’s solution has gained significant traction in the market, as evidenced by its impressive customer base and revenue growth. Notable clients include four of the top five U.S. health insurance companies, five of the top eight U.S. healthcare companies, and four of the top six global telecom carriers.

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In the past year, ControlUp’s revenues soared by 50%, with enterprise accounts experiencing a remarkable 67% growth. Presently, the company’s technology monitors over one million “seats” globally, serving approximately 1,500 customers.

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Investment Funding and Future Expansion

To fuel its growth and innovation, ControlUp recently secured $100 million in a round of funding led by K1 Investment Management and JVP, both previous backers.

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While the company did not disclose its valuation, it is believed to be significantly higher than its previous valuation of $330 million in the Series C funding round a year ago. ControlUp will utilize the funds to further develop its tools and expand its customer base.

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With a strong research and development presence in Israel and broader operations in San Jose, ControlUp aims to stay at the forefront of desktop computing performance optimization.

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As remote and hybrid work continue to shape the future of business, the company strives to provide cutting-edge solutions that adapt to the evolving demands of the workforce.

Ensuring Privacy and User Experience

As the concept of agents monitoring user activities raises concerns about privacy, ControlUp prioritizes maintaining a balance between monitoring and respecting user privacy. The company’s approach revolves around monitoring only when a “work asset” is used, whether it be a work-issued computer or accessing work-related applications via a browser. ControlUp does not access personal data or monitor non-work-related activities.

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To ensure optimal user experiences, ControlUp’s agents are designed to be non-intrusive and lightweight. Traditional monitoring applications often suffer from performance slowdowns, but ControlUp’s agents prioritize minimal impact on user experience.

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This commitment to seamless operation and unobtrusive monitoring aligns with the company’s core values, as ControlUp aims to enhance user experiences rather than become a hindrance.

The Benefits of ControlUp’s Solution

ControlUp’s comprehensive solution provides numerous benefits for organizations navigating the remote and hybrid work landscape. By monitoring performance across networks, ControlUp empowers IT managers to streamline their management processes and optimize productivity for employees.

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The deep analysis of mission-critical applications enables organizations to identify and rectify performance issues promptly, ensuring uninterrupted workflow.

ControlUp’s solution caters to both remote users and physical endpoints, supporting popular virtualization platforms like Citrix Virtual Apps, VMware Horizon, and Microsoft RDS and WVD.

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While it currently focuses on desktop computing, ControlUp recognizes the unique challenges posed by mobile devices and their specialized device management requirements.


As remote and hybrid work become an enduring reality in the business world, companies like ControlUp are driving innovation in desktop computing performance.

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With $100 million in recent funding, ControlUp is poised to revolutionize how organizations monitor and improve network performance.

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By prioritizing user experience, privacy, and seamless operation, ControlUp is empowering IT managers and optimizing productivity for employees in remote and hybrid work environments.

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As the demand for flexible work solutions continues to surge, ControlUp’s commitment to enhancing the digital employee experience sets a new standard in the industry.

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