Cold Snap Shuts Down Some COVID Testing Sites

Oh, the freezing temperatures in North Texas had some COVID testing sites saying, “Nope, not today!” They just couldn’t handle the icy chill, so they paused or shut down completely.

Even the mighty FEMA-operated testing site in Arlington, stationed outside Choctaw Stadium, had to raise the white flag of surrender. And not to be outdone, the site at Homer B Johnson Stadium in Garland followed suit. It seems Mother Nature had other plans for these places.

Garland City Spokesman Saul Garza spilled the beans, sharing that the fierce winds and bone-chilling cold made it unbearable for the brave staff. They had gloves, hats, heavy coats, and even heaters, but battling the cold was just too much. So, they decided to call it a day and snuggle up until the sun returned.

In Frisco, the COVID testing site run by Nomi Health for Frisco ISD had a “chill session” for a few hours, but they warmed back up and got back on track after 1 p.m. Their secret weapon? Staff rotations! They made sure no one turned into a human popsicle by taking turns in and out of heated tents. Smart thinking, Nomi co-founder Boe Hartman!

Boe pointed out a cold, hard truth: while others could layer up like snowmen, the workers couldn’t pile on all the warm gear. They were decked out in PPE, making it impossible to wear those cozy winter clothes. Those latex PPE gloves were sticking to their hands, and you can’t put mittens over those!

But fear not, brave souls with appointments! All the sites that had to close their doors on this chilly day promise you won’t have to wait forever. You can come back on Friday without any hassles and get tested. So, stay warm, stay safe, and let’s hope the weather warms up soon – for everyone’s sake!

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