Harry Maguire’s mother responds to criticism of Manchester United star with emotional message

Harry Maguire, the Manchester United star, found himself in the eye of the storm recently, but it’s his mom, Zoe Maguire, who’s stealing the show now. In an emotional message on social media, she’s come to her son’s defense in the face of some pretty rough treatment.

Okay, let’s rewind a bit. Harry Maguire didn’t start in England’s friendly match at Hampden Park, Glasgow, but fate had other plans. Marc Guehi got injured, and guess who stepped in for the second half? You got it, Maguire. But here’s the kicker, every time he touched the ball, the Scotland fans unleashed a chorus of jeers. Tough crowd, huh?

Harry Maguire’s Rocky Reception in Glasgow: From Jeers to an Unlucky Own Goal

And then, the plot thickens. Maguire went on to score an own goal in the 67th minute, turning a Scotland cross into his own net. Ouch. Not the kind of goal you’d put in your career highlights reel.

England’s manager, Gareth Southgate, didn’t mince words either. He said the treatment Maguire received “makes him livid.” And he didn’t stop there; he pointed fingers at the media and the unfair narrative that’s been haunting Maguire for years.

“From a Scotland fans’ point of view, I get it. I’ve no complaints about what they did,” Southgate said before praising Maguire’s resilience.

Harry Maguire
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Now, enter Zoe Maguire, the superhero mom. She’s not having any of it, and she’s making sure everyone knows it. She took to social media with a fiery message, saying, “As a mum seeing the level of negative and abusive comments which my son is receiving from some fans, pundits, and the media is disgraceful and totally unacceptable to any walk of life never mind someone who works his socks off for club and country.”

And that’s not all. She went on to call out the whole drama, saying, “It’s not acceptable what’s been created, over nothing. I understand that in the football world there are ups and downs, positives and negatives but what Harry receives has gone far beyond ‘football’. For me seeing him go through what he’s going through is not okay.”

“Harry has a massive heart,” she continued, “and it’s a good job he’s mentally strong and can handle it as others may not be able to. I wish this sort of abuse on nobody.”

Now that’s what you call a mom defending her turf. Maguire is heading back to Manchester United, and he’s gearing up for a showdown against Brighton. Let’s hope the football field is kinder than the social media arena. Harry’s mom has spoken, and she’s not taking any nonsense!

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