Michael Beale Securing His Champions League Excuses Ahead of Time

Michael Beale is really not happy about all these games already, and can you believe it, we’ve only just started the season with three local matches! The Rangers team has a bone to pick with the people in charge (the folks who run things) because they’re being asked to play against Ross County on a Saturday afternoon in the Scottish Premiership.

And guess what? They have a super important game against PSV coming up next week. Now, here’s the funny part—PSV gets a day off to get ready for their game. So, Michael Beale thinks it’s only fair that The Rangers get the same special treatment from the big bosses of Scottish football.

And get this, even though Michael’s team won’t be facing any of the top six teams when playing away until October, he’s still raising a fuss. He really isn’t holding back! But you know what Michael Beale is secretly doing?

Michael Beale’s Playoff Prep: Navigating the Champions League Challenges

Michael Beale
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He’s making it look like Neil Doncaster and the SPFL (that’s short for Scottish Professional Football League) are the ones to blame if, or when, his team doesn’t make it to the fancy Champions League Group stages. And let’s be honest, chances are it might not go their way. So, be prepared for a game of pointing fingers and saying, “It’s your fault!”

Honestly, I kind of agree with Michael Beale here. Why not give them a day off to get ready? I mean, it could give them a chance to get ahead before the big Glasgow Derby at Ibrox in just a week’s time. Plus, it’s like creating a puzzle for them—how are they going to handle all these matches later on?

And trust me, if they mess up at the derby, the fans at Ibrox Stadium are going to be super mad. They might even start saying that the SPFL and this guy named Peter Lawwell are working together to make things go wrong. People always seem to see these things coming from a mile away. So, come on Mr. Doncaster, let Michael Beale have his wish! Then we can all sit back and enjoy the chaos that follows.

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