Understanding Slot Machine Symbols

Slot Machine Symbols

One of the most popular games in both land-based and online casinos, the slot machine has been around for decades. Spinning reels are an important component of these machines. Many would argue this point, suggesting that the symbols and their combinations are what make the reels an integral part of the slots. Here, we look at a few of the different types of slot machine symbols and what they mean.

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Fruit Symbols

Initially, there were card symbols on slot machine reels, but these were replaced with fruit symbols. Fruits are commonly identified and have remained a firm staple of slot machine symbols ever since. Common fruits that you’ll find are cherries, bananas, lemons, and oranges.

There are many different slots at Paddy Power Bingo that use fruits in their games, such as lemons and watermelons in Fruit Snap. There are even more, including strawberries, grapes, and plenty of other fruits in Fruity Bonanza Scatterdrops.

Scatter Symbols

Speaking of scatter drops, scatter symbols are important in their own right when it comes to slot machines. By getting a certain amount of these a player will unlock bonus games. These could be a mini-game or even a chance to play for the game’s jackpot.

For instance, in Fruity Bonanza Scatterdrops, if a player gets four or more scatter symbols they get to choose between playing Bonanza Free Drops, which focuses on multipliers for players, whereas Fruity Free Drops focuses on players potentially getting free spins.

Wild Symbols

These are as common as fruit symbols in a lot of slot games. Wild symbols open up games as they can act as a substitute for other symbols in a game. Symbols will vary according to the theme of each slot machine. So if you look at the Eye of Horus Fortune Play, the Wild is the image of Horus. If a player lands a Wild on a reel, the tablets above the reels will upgrade one at a time.

Expanding Wilds

As the name suggests, expanding wilds, like the ones for example in the Eye of Horus, will expand across the length of the reel. When this happens, every symbol on that reel becomes a wild symbol. This can potentially generate more than one win over several pay lines.

Moving Wilds

A bit different from expanding wilds, moving wilds will stay over reels for several spins before disappearing. However, as an extra twist, they won’t stay in one position but move after each spin. This can be great for the player as it provides them with more opportunities to hit a winning combo.

Wandering Wilds

Just as their name suggests, wandering wilds move around on the reels. They do this in a pattern, rather than randomly. When their pattern is complete, they disappear. So there’s a limited time to try and hit a winning combo.

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Slots are popular for a reason. Different genres and a variety of symbols keep things fresh and new for players. Although there are some common symbols, like wilds, what they are and what they can do may vary from game to game. This is why it’s always a good idea for any player to know a bit about the slot game. This way they can play it to the best of their abilities and enjoy it along the way.

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