What are the Top eSports of 2021?

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eSports continues its quest for world domination across the gaming and entertainment sector and the sports industry. Revenues for eSports are expected to grow 14.5% from 2020 to reach a whopping $1.084 billion by the close of 2021. But what are some of the hottest games in the industry that are set to help achieve these impressive figures?

Top eSports of 2021

One certainty is that classic eSports will continue to see success. This means that games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and Dota 2 will maintain their position on many eSports leaderboards. The ease of access to the gameplay and the competitive nature of the games is appealing to those who want to play eSports. CS:GO’s main tournament offers a $1 million prize, which is enough to sweeten the deal.

Apex Legends on PC is also growing in favor. This comes down to the many tournaments that are held for players. Similarly, Dragon Ball FighterZ for PC is also dominating. The fighting game offers something different to the other shooter-themed games. The game is accessible and evokes nostalgia both for the original anime and for the classic fighting style gameplay.

Fortnite continues to be popular into 2021. This comes down to the range of crossovers and collaborations including the May 2021 crossover with the NBA. Other titles including League of Legends will also retain their popularity. It does seem that once an eSports title takes hold, it rarely falls out of favor. But could we see some new games inducted as esports? What would they look like?

Source: Pexels

What Could Make a Good eSports Game?

eSports is defined by its streaming aspects. Games are played simultaneously and incorporate live streaming as part of the gameplay. This isn’t unique to video gaming and has been adopted by other realms of entertainment. Many of the games featured on Genesis Casino in Canada borrow the livestreaming concept to add a new twist to classic casino games. Live versions of blackjack, roulette, and poker, for instance, capture the excitement of the traditional games while allowing players to see a dealer in real-time to add more of an element of tension. Although feeling of reality makes a game more interesting and enjoyable, a player shouldn’t forget about funds withdrawals. The speed of payout processing can spoil all the pleasing atmosphere of online gaming. It is always better for a user to play at an instant withdrawal casino, where there is no need to wait for your funds and often a gambler doesn’t even need to upload any documents.

One of the hottest games of 2021 is undeniably Valheim. The game launched in February 2021 on Early Access and sold 4 million copies, with this figure rising to nearly 7 million. An additional 1 million copies are expected to sell by the end of the current quarter up to July 2021. In gaming, burning bright like Valheim is doing is a good sign. While not yet classified as an eSport, experts suggest the record-breaking game’s blend of action combat and the fantasy setting help create the perfect recipe for eSports success.

eSports has a promising future not least because other areas of gaming are showing how elements of eSports games can be popular and successful too. With digital entertainment growing and attracting new users daily, hitting on a good eSports concept is extremely fortuitous – especially given how much the market is expected to grow.

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