Brex Augustann Azevedotechcrunch

Brex Refocuses on Startups with Hire of SVB Veteran and ex-a16z Operating Partner | Brex Augustann Azevedotechcrunch

brex augustann azevedotechcrunch
brex augustann azevedotechcrunch

Brex Augustann Azevedotechcrunch

Brex, a leading spend management company, has made a strategic decision to refocus its efforts on serving startups. The company recently hired Jason Mok, a former Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) veteran, and Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) operating partner, as its new Head of Startups. This move comes in response to the evolving needs of the startup community and the collapse of SVB, which created an opportunity for Brex to step up and support founders and entrepreneurs.


A Shift in Strategy


In an announcement made over a year ago, Brex stated that it was “less suited to meet the needs of smaller customers.” This caused shock waves in the startup community, considering Brex’s initial position as a credit card company specifically tailored for startups.

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brex azevedotechcrunch

The company had previously announced a push into software and a focus on larger enterprise customers. After the shutdown of SVB, Brex experienced a surge in new customers, prompting the company to reconsider its priorities and reorient itself towards its core customer base: startups. Recognizing the opportunity presented by this influx, Brex decided to refocus its efforts on serving the unique financial needs of startups, offering tailored solutions such as streamlined expense management, credit access, and customized rewards programs.

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By narrowing its focus to startups, Brex aims to leverage its expertise and position itself as a trusted financial partner, dedicated to supporting startups throughout their growth journey.

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Jason Mok’s Appointment


Jason Mok, a seasoned professional with over 16 years of experience in the startup ecosystem, has joined Brex as the Head of Startups. Mok was a sector head and managing director of consumer internet at SVB, where he gained extensive knowledge of technology, finance, startups, and venture capital. His experience includes working on everything from early-stage to growth-stage companies, lending, and venture capital.

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Mok’s appointment brings valuable expertise to Brex as he will help founders navigate the current macroeconomic environment, recent banking crises, and emerging technologies like generative AI. His deep understanding of the startup landscape and his passion for supporting founders align perfectly with Brex’s mission to serve the startup community.

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Brex’s Commitment to Startups


Henrique Dubugras, the co-founder and co-CEO of Brex, underscored the enduring commitment of the company towards founders and startups as the cornerstone of its mission. In light of the broader macroeconomic challenges and the recent collapse of SVB, Dubugras emphasized the heightened importance of providing support to the startup community. Recognizing the increased need for assistance, Brex aims to strengthen its efforts in assisting startups during these challenging times. Hiring someone like Jason Mok, who shares Brex’s pride and passion for startups, reinforces the company’s commitment to the startup ecosystem.


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Brex’s Strategic Focus


Brex aims to deliver comprehensive financial solutions to startups by offering a full financial stack, including banking, bill pay, and credit cards. Mok’s role will involve guiding Brex’s post-SVB opportunity and helping the company refine its startup-focused strategies. He will engage with founders to understand their product needs, enabling faster scaling and better iteration.


To enhance its physical presence, Brex plans to host events in key startup hubs like San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles. The company also aims to establish a network of “Brex ambassadors” who can provide advice, perspective, and connections to other founders, operators, and venture capitalists.


Additionally, Brex has named Nadav Lidor as the lead for banking products catered to startups. Lidor will focus on Brex business accounts, which include cash management accounts with FDIC insurance and a suite of money movement tools.




Brex’s refocus on startups, marked by the appointment of Jason Mok as Head of Startups, signifies the company’s dedication to serving its core customer base. With Mok’s extensive experience and expertise in the startup ecosystem, Brex is well-positioned to support founders and entrepreneurs in navigating the challenges of today’s market. By delivering comprehensive financial solutions and fostering a stronger physical presence within the startup community, Brex aims to continue evolving and growing alongside founders as they scale beyond the startup stage.


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