Google Chrome Security Tips

In this day and age, browsing safely on the internet is of paramount importance. There are so many things at stake if you do not find yourself adequately protected. Without some form of protection when browsing on chrome, the best-case scenario is that you will pick up some annoying pop-ups, or unwanted ads, which will just slow your browsing experience right down. In the worst case, you run the risk of picking up harmful malware, viruses, or even find yourself on the end of being hacked and your data stolen. There are several measures that you can take to protect yourself, such as using Guardio chrome security, whose aim is to provide a secure digital world for everyone.

We are going to look into a few of these measures so that you can practice safe browsing, which will give you a satisfying Google Chrome experience for many years to come.

Incognito Browsing

Most of the major internet browsers will remember your browsing history. In the beginning, this was thought to be a useful tool to help you locate previously visited sites – and it is. However, it is not without its negatives, like piles of cookies can be collected which will have an adverse effect on performance.

Incognito mode eliminates this potential problem. Incognito mode allows for private browsing sessions. This privacy feature is available in many web browsers and is one of Google Chrome’s major features. When operating in this mode, the browser will create a browsing session that is temporary and one that will be isolated from the main session of the browser, and user data.

Using the following keyboard shortcut will put your Chrome OS into incognito mode: Ctrl + Shift + n.

Remove Pop-Ups and Unwanted Ads

Of all the problems to get, pop-ups and unwanted ads come right near the top of the list. They can be extremely annoying as they constantly disrupt your browsing session by getting in the way of a page you’re are reading, or by preventing you from visiting a page that you want. The way around this is by removing Google Chrome extensions, and here is how you can fix it: open up your Google Chrome browser on the device you are using. Click on the ‘menu’ icon in the top right-hand corner, and then go into ‘More Tools’, and then down to ‘Extensions’. Locate an extension that you do not want, and click ‘Remove’. Click ‘Remove’ again as confirmation that you want to remove the extension.

 Checking the Safety of a Website, and Resetting the Browser Settings

Look at the security info of a website to check that it is safe. On the left of the URL will be an icon that will tell you about the safety status. If it is ‘secure’ then it will have a lock icon. If there is a note, then it means that the connection is not private when using this site. Dangerous sites will cause Chrome to flash up a red warning sign on the screen.

If you are still encountering problems, then you may want to consider resetting the browser settings, but you can almost consider this as a last-ditch attempt. Here is how you do it: open up Chrome and open up the menu in the top right corner. Click on ‘Settings’, then click ‘Advanced’, and then ‘Reset and Clean Up’.  After that, you will want to restore the settings to the original default and then click reset settings. After resetting the settings of your browser, there is a chance that you have to turn some extensions back on. To do that, follow the instructions from earlier, but instead of removing the extension, you will want to turn it on.

Value Your Browsing Experience

If you are investing in the best laptop for you, then you want to make sure that it does everything that you require. Using Google Chrome is part of everyday life, and so it is that much more important than the experience is both productive and enjoyable. Following these measures may not solve all of your problems, but they are proven ways in which you can add levels of safety to your browsing, as well as keep Google Chrome well maintained.

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