PS5 & Xbox Series X – What are the Best Accessories for the New Consoles?

When it comes to choosing between the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X, there’s honestly not much in it. Both of the new consoles have access to most of the same games, and the specs between the two are also fairly similar. The difference could be noticed, though, in the hardware available for each of them. By browsing the accessories, gamers can choose which device they would prefer to buy. So, for those torn between the two, let’s take a look at some of these differences in accessories.

Headphones vs Earphones

Let’s start with the headphones vs earphones debate. As small as it may seem, sound is crucially important to really immersing yourself in the game. Now, both of the new generations of consoles come with wireless headphones, which may see a decline in the use of earphones in the years ahead. Adding to this potential decline is the fact that some gamers prefer to use headphones because the tips on their earphones can often fall off.

However, there are ways around this. Instead of having to replace the tips as they keep falling out, gamers can use superglue that’s appropriate for plastic. By choosing a material that allows you to fix plastic with glue, it could also be useful if any other accessories have a broken part as it dries clear and bonds quickly. As there is an easy fix available, it raises the question of whether this downside is as significant as some gamers make out.

With this in mind, gamers can choose to use wireless earphones with the new consoles as an alternative. However, some of the wireless headphones on the market offer a much higher quality of sound. For example, the Xbox wireless headset can be picked up for $100. It connects easily to the console and can also be used with other devices. The Sony PS5 Pulse 3D wireless headset can be picked up for around the same price. It’s comfortable, easy to use, and matches the design of the console.


There’s always been quite a noticeable difference between the PlayStation and Xbox controllers. Players tend to get used to using either one of these, and it can often feel like a huge decision to make the switch. The controllers on the latest generation of consoles have been upgraded, but one has seen more improvements than the other.

The Xbox controller is considered better for battery life, but it hasn’t seen as many changes as the PS5 DualSense. The adaptive triggers on the PS5 controller allow players to adjust the amount of force they use. This makes things appear a lot more realistic. For example, players can feel the tension when pulling back the string of a bow in a game. This is also reflected in the new haptics, and the vibrations give players a sense of feeling the surroundings.

The clear technological superiority of one controller over the over makes this particular piece of hardware a helpful decider for which console is the best for you. While it doesn’t feature as highly on other people’s requirements, it can at least give you an idea of where Sony and Microsoft are in terms of development.

VR Headset

Another reason why some players might be persuaded to go for the PS5 is the fact that it has virtual reality capabilities. PSVR is compatible with the new console, and Sony is also working on improving the experience in the years ahead. The company has said that the DualSense controller will play a massive part in the VR experience. Microsoft, on the other hand, has thus far said that VR is not on their list of priorities with the Xbox Series X.

When it comes to accessories, it seems as though the PS5 has the advantage. This could be why it is outselling the Xbox series X by quite a large margin. However, if accessories are not of high importance to you, there is not much to split the two consoles.

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