Six Common Issues with iPhone Every User Faces

Apple is the biggest brand in the world and the iPhone is its most successful product. They are expensive and yet people don’t mind paying for them. Other devices offer the same or better features at a much better price, but it has loyal customers that buy the latest device as soon as it comes out.

If you are one of the iPhone users, you are probably already aware of some of its issues. This article has addressed some of the most annoying issues of the iPhone and their solutions.

Cellular Data Not Working

Many users have complained that they were unable to connect to the internet using cellular data. It was working fine one moment, but then suddenly started causing this problem. Some people who are not used to these devices might have accidentally turned off data.

Some simple solutions include turning the airplane mode off and on and restarting your device. However, you can try other solutions if find cellular data not working on iphone even after trying the mentioned methods.

Battery Drains Fast

Everyone agrees that iPhones drain the battery faster than other devices. Android devices, particularly Samsung, have great battery timing. It would be unfair to say that iPhone’s battery timing is bad. It’s just low compared to Samsung, which has some issues of its own.

iPhone offers great security and many other features for the user experience it offers, which drains a lot of energy. If you don’t have any issue with regularly charging your phone on time, then it’s not a problem for you.

Screen Glitches

The sudden white screen is something many iPhone users have heard of and personally experienced it. You can usually resolve this issue by restarting the device. However, it can be really annoying if this keeps happening again and again.

If the restart doesn’t work, you will have to reset your device, which will solve it. However, you will lose your device data in the process. You should always keep a backup to ensure you are ready to cope with any expected or unexpected problem. This also not a very common occurrence. It usually happens when the device has gotten really old or you have installed some malicious application. Even if it does happen, the restart or rest should solve the problem.

Loss of Data After Jailbreak

Most iPhone users have to deal with a number of problems when they update to a new version of iOS. Some lose their existing data and some see their favorite applications stop working. The update of the entire operating system is a complex process and you should always proceed with caution by making a backup of your data.

This is even more dangerous when your hardware is not supposed to support the newer version of iOS. Many people use jailbreak to break the security stopping them from installing the new operating system. This trick works but always comes with problems. It’s recommended to buy the newer device than performing a jailbreak.

They Overheat Easily

iPhones run many small features in the background to provide the best user experienced. Not only does it drain the battery faster, but it can also cause the device to overheat. It’s usually not a problem in cold areas, but you should expect it in a warmer environment.

At least one time iPhone has been reported to blast in the pocket of its user. However, it’s not a common occurrence and unlikely to ever happen again. iPhone would not what it is today if didn’t provide an extraordinary user experience. If you want to keep your device safe from overheating and want it to have a long life, avoid using it while it’s charging.

Applications Freeze or Quit Suddenly

This most commonly happens when you have updated the iOS using jailbreak. New devices don’t have any such issues, but you can expect anything from a device that is past its days of prime. There has also been news that Apple intentionally did something to devices to make slower.

They did it so that people will buy newer launches. iPhone 8 was most vulnerable to this problem with unexpected restarts and frozen screens, but you can get a free repair for it. Make sure you always read the reviews of the device you are about to buy. Don’t fall into the trap of paid reviews and always discuss it with the consumer who has personally brought and used the mobile phone.


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