The best car gadgets for your student

As a driving instructor, most of your pupils in the driving seat next to you will be young, precocious adults who are ready to learn valuable life skills. They’re probably tech-savvy, always wanting to get their hands on the latest gadgets — whether that’s the newest phone, the best quality headphones, or even the best car gadgets that will enhance their driving experience.

One of the best things about becoming a driving instructor is that you’ll be able to advise your students on the best tech that they can put in their first car, to keep them safe on the roads and bring their driving experience firmly into the 21st century. To help you to point your students in the right direction, here are the best car gadgets for new drivers.


One of the most popular and practical gadgets for the modern driver is the dashcam. The dashcam will give you and your students peace of mind. Should either of you be involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, in a lesson or otherwise, there’ll be evidence to prove who is innocent. Additionally, if the individual who caused the accident drives away, their number plate caught in the recording can be handed over to the authorities.

In their first few years of driving, your student’s insurance costs are undoubtedly going to be through the roof, as is the case for all newly-passed drivers. However, installing a dash cam could lower your student’s insurance premiums. Some insurance companies recognize that dashcams can work to prevent accidents, as those who have them tend to drive more carefully, aware of the fact that the footage is being recorded.

A portable jump starter

As you know, it’s always best to be prepared. And though most modern cars are pretty reliable, if maintained well, when things go wrong it can be daunting for a new driver.

We all remember a time when we left our lights on and drained our battery. In times like these, it’s great to have a portable jump starter on hand to get us back on the road. This is a nifty little gadget that your students could benefit from since it’s easy to use and some can restart the car up to 20 times on a single charge!

A Bluetooth transmitter

When your student passes, their first car might be pretty basic and not have some handy additions, like Bluetooth connectivity. Not only can the driver play their own music through the car’s speakers using Bluetooth, it also makes receiving phone calls in the car far safer.

Thankfully, Bluetooth transmitters will allow your student to modernize their old banger with a plug-in device. Typically, these handy pieces of tech slot into the auxiliary (aux) or cigarette lighter socket, allowing the driver to receive calls and avoid having to listen to those repetitive radio tunes on long drives.

Part of your job as a driving instructor is to help your students to get on the road, experience the thrill of being a driver, and seize their freedom. You could also advise them on the latest tech additions for their first car, to help them to be as safe as possible when they take to the road alone and make the most of their driving experience.

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