Will Tensions In Israel Affect The Upcoming Passover Holiday?

Despite what the news headlines say, Israel is a very safe country to visit. It’s a country that lives by religious values, and it’s as if its culture is locked in a time capsule. Yes, there are constant tensions in specific areas, but, in general, Isreal is a peaceful country that loudly and proudly celebrates its religious holidays. Lately, Israel hit the headlines for rising tensions, so we want to explore how the upcoming celebration of Passover is traditionally celebrated and how it may be affected.

How Passover Is Traditionally Celebrated

Israel is a deeply religious country that takes its religious holidays seriously. There are variations of Passover celebrations, but within Israel, it’s a seven-day holiday where practicing Jews don’t work for the first two. That’s because the first two are the most celebrated days – the seder meal is the most symbolic part of Passover celebrations that takes place on the first night.

The seder meals require families and friends to gather around the table; eating unleavened bread and specific Passover delicacies from a seder plate – find delicate yet beautiful seder plate designs here Passages are read from the Haggadah, kiddush blessings cry out, and the wine flows.

The following four days are Chol Hamoed – semi-festive days where the Jewish community returns to work but still celebrates Passover.

Why Are Tensions Rising?

Tensions have nearly always been high in eastern Jerusalem, Gaza, and the West Bank as fights erupt between Israelites and Palestinians.

Tensions are rising again in the neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah lately after a string of clashes between Palestinian protesters and the police. Still, it’s important to remember that clashes are nothing new, and strengthening ties between Israel and the neighboring United Arab Emirates (UAE) should provide a feeling of comfort and solidarity to the community in that area and in wider Israel. It’s the first visit Israel’s head of state has made to the UAE amid rising tensions.

There’s also speculation over whether the current situation in Ukraine will deepen the tension within Israel, but it’s yet to be confirmed.

Will It Affect Passover Celebrations?

As it stands, the rising tension in Israel will not affect Passover celebrations. It’s a celebration where the streets of Israel come alive, and the community comes together in solidarity. Israel is like many other parts of eastern Europe that are battling rising tensions with neighboring countries – it’s something they’ve somewhat learned to live with.

As religion and culture are carved into the foundation of Israel, it’s hard to prevent the community from celebrating. Think back to the mass gathering of 2021 in Jerusalem for the Jewish holiday Purim during covid times. Despite rising cases, thousands took to the streets to celebrate.

Passover is one of the most celebrated holidays in the Jewish calendar, so it would take a lot to stop communities worldwide from celebrating, not only in Israel. It symbolizes Jewish freedom, history, religion, and culture, so it would take a lot to stop them from remembering the story of Passover.

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