3 Things You Need to Be a Freelancer

Freelance careers are growing increasingly common in today’s digitally connected world. In an age of cloud connectivity, we’re rapidly discovering that people can work from anywhere and be just as productive as if they were sitting in an office environment. As a result, endless clients are looking to hire freelancers as a way of cutting costs and minimizing overheads. While a freelance career might seem like an excellent opportunity for you if you hate the idea of a traditional 9-to-5 career, it’s worth remembering these jobs aren’t right for everyone. You’ll need to be willing to build an identity for yourself as a sole trader, and a passion for what you do. Here are some of the crucial things you need to be a freelancer.

Passion for Learning

One of the most important things any freelancer can have is a passion for learning and growth. To start, you’re going to need to consider getting a degree in your chosen field so you can sell your skills to people who might want to hire you. Taking out a student loan and getting a degree will show your clients how committed you are to your craft and set you apart from the competition. However, you’ll also need to be willing to consistently learn new things too, like how to manage your own accounts, stay on top of advertising, and build your personal brand. You may even need to learn how to lead a business if your sole trader company evolves into something bigger.


Freelance life takes a significant amount of grit and focus. While you need to be committed to doing your best in any job, as a freelancer, you’re going to face a significant number of challenges you might not encounter elsewhere. You won’t be guaranteed a consistent income, which means since financial struggle impacts mental health, you’ll need to keep pushing forward and searching for new clients year after year, to ensure you can pay your bills. You’ll also need to be able to deal with the long nights and unpredictable hours that come with a freelance lifestyle. Just like building any business, developing a career as a freelance professional can require a lot of extra hours of effort compared to a traditional job. A high level of determination will help you to handle the extra pressure.

Plenty of Support

While many freelancers are specialists who work on their own, that doesn’t mean you should be pursuing your new career completely without any help. The reality is that many freelancers need all kinds of assistance to ensure they thrive in their role. You might need the support of specialists who work with you on a regular basis, like accountants to help you file your taxes. You’re also going to need the support of a network to help keep you emotionally strong through difficult times in your growth. Having the support of your loved ones around you can be an excellent source of motivation when you’re struggling with tougher patches in your career.


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