5 Examples of the Website Redesign

To stay ahead in the competition, it is imperative to keep your website trendy and attractive.

An attractive and fresh looking website is crucial for a successful sales strategy and effective consumer engagement. As consumer taste and technology evolves, you should redesign your website at least once every five years to stay relevant. In this article, we are going to share with you some examples of how redesigning a website affects its conversion rate.

The before and after website redesign examples

Redesigning the website ensures that it stays relevant for your target audience. Furthermore, your users should find the design and content to reflect their taste so that they can stay there for a longer time.


Walmart has redesigned its website to give it a cleaner and more modern look. While the earlier design was good, the new one is far better because it is visually more attractive and also improves the engagement. If we carefully look at what has changed in the new website, then we will see a few major and several minor ones.

  • It has a new hamburger menu. The earlier hamburger menu was labeled “departments”. However, the new one is the traditional three-bar menu. This has helped it to attract more clicks.
  • It has a new attractive icon design. The new Walmart website has redesigned the icons of store locator, menu, and shopping cart icon. The new icons are more prominent looking to attract the attention of the user.
  • A new personalized UI. The new UI of the Walmart web design offers personalized information relevant to the customers.
  • It has improved typography and visual hierarchy. The new design of the Walmart website has a muted design. It is in stark contrast to the earlier design where innumerable colors and fonts jostled for the viewer’s attention.
  • It has become mobile-centric.


The latest redesigning of the Dropbox website has made it more attractive and easily navigable. Some of the important points of difference between before and after the redesigned look of the website are as follows.

  • The navigation of the newly redesigned website is simpler. In the early design of the Dropbox.com website, several important features were hidden from the users. The new design of Dropbox.com showcases all the features.
  • The accounts of the users were jumbled, as there was no distinction between personal and business accounts to keep the items stored in the vault separate from one another. The newly redesigned website has separate work and personal accounts.
  • The earlier design gave the users a fragmented experience. However, the latest design offers the unification of visual and interaction patterns to shorten the learning curve.


The new Twitter website offers more features to the users. Some of the top redesigned elements in the Twitter website are as follows.

  • The technology stack has been changed as the earlier one made it very difficult for the developers to roll out any changes.
  • The navigation bar has been changed from the top of the site. This has made the top part of the website look cleaner.
  • Twitter has removed some of the customized displays and has replaced them with one that offers easy accessibility to the features.
  • Expand feature is also changed to give the user more space to write their tweet.
  • The new design offers easy access to the favorite features of the user.
  • The direct message segment has been redesigned. You can now not only see your earlier conversation but also send a new one from the same view.
  • The user can easily switch between profiles straight from the side navigation bar.


Instagram has also initiated a few changes in its website that has evoked mixed feelings from the users. Some of these changes include the following.

  • Instagram has put two new features in the center of its web page; Reel and Shopping.
  • The compose button has been placed on the top right of the screen to ensure the Reel and Shopping buttons attract more attention.
  • A new feature that allows you to remix the photos of your friends.
  • A new keyword search feature.
  • The guide feature of Instagram is expanded for all the users to write engaging posts.
  • Watch together, is a new feature that allows you to watch trending videos together while having a chat.


Reddit.com has also redesigned its website to offer a better user experience. Some of the important redesigned elements in the new website include the following.

  • The new site loads faster.
  • The navigation element of the new website is far simpler than the earlier one.
  • A more customized UI that allows the users to combine images, text in the same post.
  • It now has only one create button which is simpler than the earlier two buttons that were used for submitting new links and submitting a new text post.
  • The community guides have been made simpler.
  • The visual hierarchy has also been improved.
  • The hamburger icon has been redesigned.
  • It has many auto-playing videos.


The five examples that we have shared with you in this article will help you understand why website redesign is an essential part of every organization.

Moreover, the website user experience is one such thing that plays a vital role in improving the conversation rate.

Hence, your website should evolve continually to keep up with the latest trends.

You need to continuously experiment with your website design to give it a unique touch so that it can stand out in the crowd.

Furthermore, building a robust feedback system helps you analyze how the new design impacts the sales figure.

Therefore, staying relevant, staying engaged, and looking fresh is the motto that would help you in achieving your business goals.




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