A guide to making your next move as easy as possible

When it comes to planning your move into a new home there’s a lot to consider before it can finally happen. With so much to plan and contemplate over the course of those final few days, it’s easy to lose sight of something important. 

However, with a few tips and a little planning in advance, that big move can be a flawless and stress-free experience. Compass Real Estate believes in empowering people to make their real estate choices with confidence and move seamlessly. Stick to this guide and you’ll soon be moving with all the excitement and none of the stress. 

Make a list 

Getting everything you need to do written down on a list can help to streamline your checklist and keep you on the right track. For extra peace of mind, set specific dates to finish tasks in the lead-up to the move itself. 

Even if your move isn’t for several months, you’ll be able to put plans in place to break up the bigger tasks into smaller, more achievable ones to reduce stress. 

Begin immediately 

You may not want to clean out your living room when you don’t officially move for a while yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t clean out the attic, the basement, or the garage in order to give yourself a headstart. 

Consider rooms and areas of the house you don’t use, and get started as soon as possible. By the time your move day arrives, you’ll have completed a large chunk of your tasks. 

Mark your boxes clearly 

Pack boxes and label them as clearly as you can. List the contents of the box and the room where it’ll need to be placed in your new home. This handy little trick takes a lot of the manual labor out of your move and helps everything to flow a bit easier in each room on the big day. 

Only take what you need

Take the opportunity to rid yourself of things you don’t need or ever use. Everyone has a few heavy-duty items that gather dust in the corner of a room, and chances are it’ll be the same case in your new home.

Put on a yard sale, or donate some unnecessary items to goodwill. Either way, make sure you take only the essentials in your new adventure. 

Make time for one last clean 

Cleaning your home before a big move is a common courtesy, so you’ll either need to take some time for a deep cleaning day or hire a professional cleaning services company to assist you with this. 

Make your first night in your new home special

It’s important to set the mood for that very first night in your dream home. Simple tricks like packing a bag of toiletries and other essentials can save you the hassle of digging through boxes to find what you need. 

To make that first night even more special, why not order takeout from a local place to celebrate your big day? 

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