CoinGeek Conference to be Held in New York Once Again

It was almost exactly a year ago when CoinGeek Conference was broadcasted live from New York City during the height of the pandemic. This year, CoinGeek Conference will be going back to the world’s financial capital for its eighth installment. The event will take place in The Sheraton, Times Square on October 5 to 7. Unlike recent conferences where only a small group of people were allowed at the venue due to COVID-19 restrictions, CoinGeek New York has gained permission to accommodate over 2,000 attendees at the venue. Of course, the three-day event will still be broadcasted live to viewers across the globe via the CoinGeek Conference Virtual Platform.

The last CoinGeek Conference was held at Samsung Hall in Zurich, Switzerland last June. Although only a small crowd was present at the venue due to travel restrictions, the event was still a success as it garnered over four million views on its virtual platform. CoinGeek Zurich ran with an overarching theme of “BSV Blockchain: Ignite the Power of Data,” showcasing the many different useful applications made possible by an infinitely scalable blockchain that promises immutable, secure, instant and low-cost transactions.

“BSV is different from much of the cryptocurrency world, in fact, almost all of it. And why? We don’t want a coin that you just hold for years. We build a blockchain to be used on a daily basis for billions of payment and business interactions, to create technology infrastructure, to be the new digital plumbing that works with the Internet to ignite the power of data,” Jimmy Nguyen, founding president of Bitcoin Association, the Switzerland-based global industry organization that promotes the enterprise adoption of the BSV blockchain, said during his opening speech at CoinGeek Zurich.

BSV’s ultimate goal is for its blockchain to be adopted by global businesses; and this is why it continues to scale and improve its technology in order to keep on increasing its utility. From health care to iGaming, the BSV blockchain is relevant among many industries. It will not only improve existing systems, but can become a tool for the creation of next-generation products and services, such as experiential reality (XR) platform Omniscape, a combination of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), and the Metanet, which is a better version of the Internet. These are but a couple of the applications built on the BSV blockchain.

“To do this, we need blockchain, and Bitcoin SV is the only one that’s capable of it. I’m frequently asked why BSV, and my answer is generally, because it can, now. Not two years to come, now. It’s fast, it’s scalable, it’s stable, the cost is really low and it still brings all the other benefits of a blockchain such as trust and provenance,” Robert Rice, founder and CEO of Transmira, the technological firm that developed Omniscape,explained during his presentation at CoinGeek Zurich.

CoinGeek New York will have an overall theme of “It’s About Time.” And because the power of data has already been ignited, it truly is about time for business leaders to recognize the value of the BSV blockchain. It is something that allows for businesses to become more efficient, expand their market and maximize their profits.

“The BSV Blockchain is revolutionizing the world through its data management solutions because of its scalability, stability, security, and safe instant transactions. There are amazing solutions built on top of the BSV Blockchain that allow Supply Chain Management, Health Care, Global FinTech, Marketing, and many other industries to transform the way they do business. It’s about time you knew about them,” the CoinGeek New York website stated.

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