Online Gaming Trends of the Future That No One Will Believe

Trying to predict the future in the world of gaming is tough, because the industry is so fast paced that trends can come and go in the blink of an eye. After all, twenty years ago who would have thought that the Nintendo Gameboy was so ahead of its time, as handheld devices make a huge comeback in the form of the Nintendo Switch and the impressive Valve Steam Deck, not to mention the mobile gaming boom.

However, for those in the know, there are some signs of what could be to come in the future. Here we deep dive into what could be the gaming trends to pop off in the years to come. Just remember that you read it here first!


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It is a little scary to imagine what computers could be capable of in the future with AI’s abilities set to develop at an alarming speed, which could make for very lifelike gaming

Fully Functioning Online VR Arcades and Gaming Complexes

There was a time when VR games and the contraptions that gaming companies devised to play them were literally laughed out of gaming trade fairs, as players of anything from casino games to first person shooters vowed never to touch the technology.

The technology and its accompanying games have come a long way since then and have taken major steps in recent years, not least with the fact they can now be used without the need for restrictive wire connections. This huge advancement has been allied with headsets and handsets being made super lightweight, so as not to leave casino game and other online game players with neck ache after a long session.

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This raises the prospect of entire buildings and worlds being built by VR game developers. What this means is that people with access to a headset and accompanying handsets will one day be able to enter vast virtual settings such as a fully functioning casino with live dealers who could be AI driven or even be real people who are also hooked up to the VR network. It would also mean that players could peruse the games they already enjoy such as online slot games or indeed any other online game they could wish to think of. There could even exist VR worlds within VR worlds, which is something wild to get your head round.

Whatever ways VR is eventually harnessed, the one thing that is almost for certain for lovers of slots and other online games is that such titles are about to be changed forever.


Source: Envato

As VR headsets and their accompanying handsets become lightweight and wireless, they open the possibility of almost endless gaming applications

PC’s as We Know Them Will Be Obsolete

Space in the modern world is at a premium as more people than ever before flock to cities and try to find their little piece of the big smoke.

It is increasingly the case that people just do not have space for bulky consoles, PCs or even top of the range gaming monitors, wanting instead a device that is both mobile and powerful enough to play all their favorite games on.

Prior to this year it was thought impossible to make this a reality, but devices like the brand-new Valve Steam Deck have shown players exactly what could be in store for them in the near future. Devices such as Valve’s are now more powerful than many lower spec PCs and have access to exactly the same online streaming libraries of games that other more cumbersome devices do. This means that everything you need to game the day away could soon conceivably fit in your pocket, leaving you plenty of space in your futuristic abode for perhaps a pot plant or two.

Playing, Developing, Broadcasting and Spectating All Rolled into One

Another major sea change in the online gaming world is already well underway, and that is the merging of the roles of player, developer, broadcaster, and spectator. Gaming platforms run by the biggest tech companies in the world have worked out that to maximize revenue from their gaming customers it pays to get them to do much of the leg work when it comes to making games and getting them out into the wider world.

This is already evidenced on platforms such as Twitch, where gamers promote many games to huge audiences while also suggesting bug fixes and updates to developers, all for a fraction of the cost of a developer having to do this themselves.


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