Editing Tips to Help You Understand Your Video Aspect Ratio

Did you know that the 16:9 aspect ratio is the preferred option because it allows for the best resolution? The aspect ratio is an integral part of any video that you make or edit. You need to have a strong idea of what you’re doing if you decide that you want to change aspect ratio for the film that you capture.

If you’re planning on creating content as an influencer or for a business then you need to know what works best for social media formats. The good news is that you’re in the right place to learn about video aspect ratio and which options are best for your needs.

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What Is an Aspect Ratio?

You might be wondering what an aspect ratio is if you’ve found your way to this article. An aspect ratio is what determines the height and the width of the picture for a video or image on a screen. There are a number of popular options when it comes to choosing an aspect ratio for watching videos as well as video editing.

4:3 Aspect Ratio

The original aspect ratio that was used with technology going back to the first televisions is 4:3. If you’re watching television on an older TV set then odds are that you’re watching in a 4:3 aspect ratio. The same is true if you’re watching standard definition channels on a newer TV set.

16:9 Aspect Ratio

The most common aspect ratio in use today is the 16:9 aspect ratio. A big dilemma that the film and TV industry faces is that most of the video they capture is in a 21:9 aspect ratio. As a result, they need to convert all of the footage that they capture to 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratios.

If you’re a video editor and you find yourself in this dilemma then you should consider using a service to crop video online. It makes your ability to change aspect ratio much easier and will help you fit your video on any type of screen. It is a perfect fit if you’re planning to capture high-definition footage.

21:9 Aspect Ratio

The most modern iteration of the aspect ratio is the 21:9 aspect ratio that is prevalent in the film industry in 2022. The vast majority of movies are filmed and edited with a 21:9 aspect ratio but few TVs accommodate that. If you plan on only making movies then you will be fine with a 21:9 aspect ratio.

The same goes for if you plan on buying a new TV and only plan on using it to watch movies. Still, it is important to know these differences if you plan on doing any video editing.

Now You Know All About Aspect Ratio

Knowing about the aspect ratio is important if you plan on doing any video editing for a hobby or for a career. You should also be aware of the different aspect ratios that come with certain eras of televisions and certain types of channels. Keep these ratios in mind if you plan on messing with social media formats for content creation.

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