Fighting A Parking Ticket In NYC? Go Online, Not Downtown To Fight It

You went to have coffee at your favorite coffee shop. In order to reach there, you drove for about 30 minutes and spent 20 minutes circling around the block, just to find a parking space. But as soon as you were about to give up, you saw a driver pulling back and driving away. You took this opportunity to park your car. But when you returned back from the coffee shop, you noticed an envelope placed under your windshield. Reason? A small part of your vehicle extends into the bus stop zone. 

This is a common NYC parking ticket tale, dating back to as old as time. But what to do in a situation like this? For most people, paying is the right thing to do. Now, we are not saying it isn’t. Some people pay the fee hand to hand because they simply despise dragging this matter to the court and pay additional late charges. However, if you think that your ticket is unfair, that’s not the only option you have. 

Even the most efficient drivers are surprised with parking tickets when driving in NYC. The driving laws are complicated and sometimes, it’s easy to miss the obvious signs. The burden to cram all the laws can feel frustrating, making it difficult for people to drive around the city without the fear of receiving a ticket. But there’s so much you can do to fight these parking issues. If you’ve received a parking ticket in NYC, you can dispute it; that too without any hassle. 

Yes, you read that right! You don’t have to go to the City Hall to fight, dispute, or pay your parking ticket anymore. The advancement in technology has made it easier for people to do everything with their smartphones. 

How Do I Dispute an NYC Parking Ticket? 

Step 1 – Once you get a ticket, request a hearing within the first 30 days to avoid paying any penalties. Start gathering evidence. Now it’s probably too late for that since you have left the scene. But this tip can come in handy for future scenarios. Be careful, take photos of the evidence — the location of your parked car, parking signs nearby, parking meter, etc.

Step 2 – To dispute your parking ticket, download the AppWinIt app for your iPhone or Android phone. The system will ask you for the parking violation number.

Step 3 – You can submit your parking ticket by clicking a picture of the ticket. Don’t worry if you can’t find the ticket when you need it. You can also search the app for parking tickets issued for your vehicle. Simply click submit, enter your plate number and plate slate to get the desired result.

Step 4 – The next step requires you to carefully collect and examine any evidence that might dispute your ticket. You will also have to answer some questions about your ticket. This will not take much time. Once you submit the documents, the WinIt team will review the ticket and handle every aspect of it. 

Fighting a parking ticket may seem frustrating and overwhelming. But with the right help, you can get the fine reduced or get out of paying the fine altogether. You will not have to spend any time or energy on finding a parking ticket lawyer. Through apps like WinIt, hiring an attorney is made easier. 

The attorney will handle all the paperwork for you, they will examine your arguments, review all the documents and deal with the prosecutor in the court. Since a lot of citizens don’t understand their rights, they steer away from fighting a parking ticket. Paying for a parking ticket also requires a lot of time and involves various steps. Therefore, it’s worth trying a dispute before just paying it. 

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