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6 Heart-Touching Birthday Celebrations Ideas for BFF

Is it your BFF’s birthday around the corner that is making you bite your nails? I can totally relate to it. Planning your Bff’s birthday is much more an arduous task than it appears to be, right? Being someone’s BFF is nothing less than responsibility and you would move the mountains and oceans to make the birthday plan impeccable. So, from getting online cake delivery in Delhi to finding the best venue for the celebration, everything needs to be perfect. However, the task becomes much more difficult when you have been BFFs for a long time and have been celebrating each other’s birthdays for 5, 10, or more years, right? Have you been derived to this platform because of the same pressure? If yes, then, it’s time to loosen up your tight spot as we have brought you some amazing and unique birthday celebration ideas for your BFF. Phew, that’s a relief, right? Choose ideas from this article as per your convenience and preference and make the birthday celebration of your BFF way different from your past records. Excited enough? Let’s dive into the article straight away.


Well, it is the easiest surprise that you can plan for your BFF, yet, the effectiveness of this idea will move your BFF for sure.

You must be having very beautiful, funny, emotional, or tragic videos of your BFF on your mobile phone, right? Yes, that’s the plan. Make a collaboration of these videos into a single movie and play it at the birthday party in case you have a big gathering. I know it would be embarrassing for your BFF for ice, but hey, that’s the plan. Also, your BFF would be moved by your gesture as she or he would notice your efforts to make their birthday special.



  • Head to your BFF’s favorite destination:

Nothing could be more fun and adventurous way of celebrating your BFF’s birthday than taking him or her to their favorite tourist destination. Toss the proposal in front of your BFF a month ago and plan the entire trip accordingly. Rather, be it a one day trip or be it a week-long trip, celebrating someone’s birthday at their destination is a sure shot move to make the event memorable for a lifetime.


  • Binge-watch your favorite movies:

If your BFF is inclined to celebrate his or her birthday indoors, then, make a list of some amazing movies, grab your favorite snacks, and binge-watch the movies the entire day without any interruption. Also, order cake online and do the mandatory cake cutting ceremony because nothing else gives the perfect birthday vibes other than a cake. Do not leave any stone unturned by getting your BFF’s all-time favorite flavored cake. Let your taste buds experience a heavenly joyride on your BFF’s birthday.


  • Awestruck your BFF with personalized gifts:

Yes, mesmerize your BFF with personalized gifts. A gift with a personal touch surpasses all other gifts, right? Be it a greeting card, a DIY, or a personalized t-shirt, make sure the gift reminds your BFF of you in every sense. The best part for you is personalized gifts are pocket friendly and at the same time, they fulfill your gifting needs like a pro. That’s all you want I believe?



  • Be your BFF’s professional photographer:

Well, I am not asking you to go for a professional photography course, rather, just try to be a decent photographer for your BFF especially on his or her birthday. In the era of digitalization, make sure you are able to get your BFF cool pictures from her birthday so that they can flaunt them in their social media handles.


  • Plan a scavenger hunt for BFF:

If you are planning to get your BFF some cool gifts then, I would suggest you present the gifts to your BFF in a cooler way. Well, send your BFF on a scavenger hunt by hiding her gifts at home and giving her hints to find the gifts. Believe me, it is the craziest and exciting way you can present gifts to your BFF.


So, with these amazing gift ideas, make your BFF’s birthday a uber-super-quadruple event!

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