How to Build an MVP Without a Technical Background

Have you come up with an excellent idea for a startup but are afraid to turn it into reality because you have no technical background? This can be very frustrating. But the good news is that you don’t need any technical skills to succeed with your startup solution. The process of creating an MVP is complex, but it’s not as difficult as it seems.

We will show you how to build MVP without code and technical background. Let’s get started! 

What is an MVP?

First, let’s clarify this key point because it is often misinterpreted. A minimum viable product is a software development methodology for introducing a basic product version to actual customers. MVP encompasses only essential features and needs to be reviewed by the end-users as early as possible. It aims to gather valuable reviews and analyze them to adjust the product to the actual market needs and tendencies. If you want to know more about how to build an MVP without a technical background, keep on reading.

Why go for MVP development?

Among the advantages of building an MVP, we can single out:

  • Reducing the time-to-market.
  • Receiving valuable user feedback on the early development stages.
  • Optimizing the work of developers.
  • Early testing of the product’s performance.
  • Idea validation and getting acquainted with the target market in real-life conditions.

All this makes MVP an optimal solution for developing a digital product, especially when talking about startups, which are always risky to create and introduce.

What to consider while creating an MVP?

An MVP is a strategic step in the development process. Its goal is to determine whether your solution fits the demands of your customers and the market tendencies. To make wiser decisions about your online solution, follow the tips below.

The more feedback, the better

Reviews are the essence of this approach. So you need to be attentive and encourage your users to share their opinion about your app or website. Before you launch in the market, you need a clear understanding of how users interact with your product. Don’t underestimate the significance of feedback and try to put it to good use by improving the product with every iteration.

Making adjustments is okay

Be ready for an endless process of changing your product. Such constant changes can be demotivating for you and your team but keep going, and you will achieve your goals and become a perfect solution for the desired audience. 

Validate your idea

Many startups fail due to the lack of market demand. Developing an MVP can help you predict the size and needs of your target audience. It also helps define the weaknesses of your idea and opt for the best possible solutions for them. 

Ways to create an MVP without a technical background


A perfect option is to find an experienced and reputable development partner. However, it doesn’t mean that you won’t carry any responsibility for your product. To be professional, you need to learn as much as possible about this complex process. Here are the main points to take into account to build a successful MVP.

Find a co-founder with a technical background

This is not the easiest way, but at the same time, it is the most beneficial for a wide range of solutions. This person needs to be interested in your product and have a substantial technical background. Their skillset will depend on the technologies you will use to develop a mobile app or a website. 

This person can become your valuable investment. They provide great assistance in organizing the development, opting for the most beneficial technology stack, and improving your product’s operation. But be ready to share your future profit with this person for contributing to your product’s success. 

Look for freelancers on job websites

If you decide to build MVP without a technical co-founder, there are a few options to choose from. The most affordable one is to find freelance employees to cooperate with. With a wide range of freelance websites, finding a person with suitable skills and relevant experience has become a piece of cake. If you want to find the most affordable way to build an MVP, you can turn to specialists from Eastern Europe or Asia. 

However, such cooperation is quite risky because freelancers may not be interested in the success of your product as much as you would like them to be. Besides, sometimes an affordable price tag means compromising the quality. We recommend getting acquainted with their portfolio and expertise beforehand.

Partner with a development company

This is a more advanced option compared to hiring freelance employees. Moreover, you receive an established team that has been working with each other for years. It will simplify project management and optimize numerous processes. 

And if we take into account the cost, outsourcing is more affordable and less demanding than hiring and training an in-house team. But if you need complete control of your employees and want to create a highly customized solution, an in-house development team will be the best way to create an MVP.

Use a ready-made template

Don’t be skeptical about this one. In many situations, a well-crafted template can be a good fit for your idea and save you much time. This is a great way to create an MVP without writing the code. As a rule, they include only the basic functionality you can extend and adjust to your needs later. However, you need to realize that your solution might not be as flexible as you expected. 

Wrapping up

Being a technical expert is not a must to build an MVP. We can even say that other significant aspects outweigh the technical side. We wish you good luck in creating an MVP and hope that your solution will be successful in the market.

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