How to Increase Your YouTube Views with Advertising?

In this fast-paced world of the internet, it is very challenging for the content creator or business brands to gain popularity on YouTube. Often, new creators buy YouTube subscribers to gain credibility. They also buy YouTube views to boost their channel. While both these options are excellent to get high-quality traffic, there are several other ways to boost your YouTube views.

Advertising your video on YouTube is one of the best ways to increase YouTube views. You can choose from different ad formats and targeting options to customize your ad and reach the right audience. It is also the most affordable option for increasing engagement on YouTube. Here, in this article, we will show you how you can increase your YouTube views with advertising. Let’s Dive in!

1.      Optimize your Target Audience

One of the first steps before creating an ad campaign is to target the right audience. It is essential to reach a relevant audience who will be interested in watching your content on YouTube. Let’s look at some of the simple ways of targeting your audience on YouTube –

  • Keyword Targeting – keyword targeting works along with the YouTube algorithm to find viewers who search for keywords that might be relevant to your video content. Long-tailed industry-specific keywords are the best to find the right audience.
  • Topic Targeting – it is beneficial when you want to reach a wider audience on YouTube. Search for the most popular and trending topics that have good video views on YouTube. Choose a relevant topic to your niche and create an ad or a YouTube video on that topic.
  • YouTube Channel Targeting – here you can target the audience of similar YouTube channels in your niche. The selected YouTube channels can be your competitors as well.

2.      Select the Best Ad Format

It is crucial to choose the best Ad format to engage your audience and encourage them to check other content videos on your YouTube Channel. There are three types of YouTube Ad formats that work well in increasing YouTube views and subscribers –

TrueView Video Discovery Ads

These ads run on YouTube watch pages and search results. They are also mobile-friendly and appear on the YouTube app homepage on mobiles. When a viewer clicks on your ad, it directs them to the video’s watch page on YouTube. Here, the viewer can like, subscribe, comment, and even share your video.

TrueView Video Discovery ads are excellent when your goal is to increase more views on YouTube. You only pay when a viewer clicks on the ad and begins watching it. And the cost-per-view can range from five cents to as low as one cent as well.

TrueView In-Stream Ads

TrueView In-Stream ads also help in increasing video views on YouTube. These are best for creators who are looking for gaining video views with no type of engagement rate. TrueView In-Stream ads run before, during, or after a YouTube video with an option to skip the ad in five seconds.

TrueView In-Stream ads passively serve the viewers. You only pay when a viewer watches at least 30 seconds of the ad because that will be incremented as one video view. It is much cheaper than the TrueView Video Discovery ad and costs as low as a fifth of a penny per view.

Bumper Ads

Bumper ads are similar to TrueView In-Stream ads that run before, during, or after a video. However, these ads are around six seconds long and do not provide an option to skip the ad. Bumper ads are useful when you want to share a short message with your target audience. Here, you pay a cost per 1000 impressions (CPM).

3.      Promote your YouTube Channel through Google AdWords

Google AdWords is one of the most popular advertising tools to increase more views and subscribers on YouTube. Create a compelling ad, set your budget, and target the right audience. One of the benefits of using Google AdWords is that there is no minimum price limit to run ads. You can also change the targeting, budget, and Ad format at any time.

With Google AdWords, you can create an ad campaign and place it at different target areas on YouTube. For example, you can place your ad before a video starts or place it alongside a video on its watch page on YouTube.

4.      Analyze the Ad Results

Monitor your ads to understand which metrics are working well for your YouTube channel. For example, to determine the engagement level on your video, you can look at the view rates and analyze how many viewers subscribed to your channel through the ad. Through data analytics, you can also keep a record of the daily budget. Fine-tune any metric while running the ad campaign to improve the performance rate.


Paid advertising on YouTube is similar to buying YouTube views. However, one advantage of advertising your YouTube videos is that it accelerates your channel’s growth. Additionally, it helps to gain more views on YouTube. Building an advertising strategy involves several components such as audience targeting, selection of the right Ad format, and data analysis.

The above steps will guide you to create a powerful YouTube ad to increase video views and gain more subscribers. Furthermore, it will help you increase the engagement rate on your YouTube videos. So, read the steps given above to formulate the best advertising strategy for your YouTube channel.


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