Scratch Cards vs Slingo: What’s the Difference?

We’ve just celebrated the new year, and as a new year is a perfect moment to make changes for the better, we should enjoy life as much as we can. We should also promise to stop doing something bad and dishonest and start to achieve our goals. Why don’t we try to play more exciting games that can bring us loads of fun and luck? In the online gaming world, two games have become an integral part of the players’ life; Scratch Cards and Slingo. These games of pure chance have been proven to provide players with immersive and enthralling experiences. Therefore, as one of your New Year’s resolutions is to entertain yourself, if we compare Slingo and Scratch Cards, what’s the difference between these two games?


Bingo slots mainly known as slingo is considered a king in the iGaming market because not only can this game provide more thrilling but the online gaming sites that provide this game remains popular. Created in 1994 by New Jersey real estate developer, Sal Falciglia, slingo was taken from the two popular casino games; the bingo and slot. Bingo slots have become more seductive when the London-based gaming company Gaming Realms acquired the game by launching the online version of several improved variants. Playing slingo is simple and similar to its original versions in which you will be taken to a 5×5 bingo ticket on screen and a row of slot reels at the bottom. Similar to the slot, you are required to spin the reels and see if any of the numbers on the bingo card are displayed. You need to accumulate points and each spin rewards you a different number of points. Bingo slots have become more attractive and can provide different winnings. Instant prizes and special bonuses are also waiting for the lucky players.

Scratch Cards

Invented in the middle of the 20th century, scratch cards were manually designed but their reputation has increased when it was turned into an instant game. The scratch cards can provide an identical gaming experience to their physical counterparts and they have become omnipresent in renowned gaming websites. In SammyBingo’s list of online scratch cards, the best titles are available enabling the players to bet between meager and big sizes. In the online version, the game is determined by the Random Number Generator (RNG) technology meaning that your iGaming experience is fair and transparent. Digital scratch cards enable the players who only have a few minutes to play and thanks to the convenience to play from anywhere and anytime, they can make some interesting winnings. With the dozens of titles that are associated with exciting themes, the scratch cards promise something different whether on the land-based or online gaming platforms.

Which is more popular?

If we answer the question about the more popular game, both bingo slots and scratch cards have built a good reputation as seductive games in the online gaming area. The two games are classified as the games of pure chance and are proven to be appealing for their simplicity. Playing slingo can provide more enjoyment chiefly when this latter was launched in the virtual bingo sites. This amazing game has raised its reputation when the leading developers compete with one another to release the best titles. As a result, the bingo slots are often bundled with extra icons and interesting themes that catch the fans ’attention. As for the scratch cards, although these games are considered simple ones, people view them as outstanding games that can be played at their convenience. Added to more catching topics and extra symbols that can increase the gamblers’ chance of winning, scratch cards are at the peak of their popularity.


In the online gaming world, several features are the pillars to make this field stronger. Among them are the various types of games that cannot be underestimated. Since some players are used to playing the games like slots and bingo, other names have invaded the gaming sites and have maintained their honours as entertaining games. The bingo slots known as slingo are the games that deserve to be played. Considered the recent games, the slingo games guarantee an excellent gaming mood. Today, the bingo casinos and sports betting sites have become home to these famous games. It is also the case of scratch cards, the easy games with straightforward rules transported into the online version. Both are the preferred games of the players who want to taste more amusement in the online gaming sites.


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