Does USMNT star Pulisic have a long-term future at Chelsea?

Christian Pulisic is a bona fide superstar in the United States, with ‘Captain America’ virtually untouchable when it comes to his standing at the top of an ever-deepening USMNT depth chart.

It is, however, a different story for the talented forward at club level. His ability is not in doubt, but are Chelsea truly convinced of his worth over a prolonged period of time? Only one man can answer that.

Pulisic’s star has been on the rise for some time, with an American abroad benefiting considerably from soccer’s mass appeal across multiple platforms. Expanded audiences are being found, with as much interest in virtual realms as there are real-world events.

A penchant for simulators is no secret for prominent figures in professional sports circles, with Pulisic often assessing his FIFA ratings, and he now figures as prominently in the thoughts of fans checking out gaming news at as those catching up on the latest scores and statistics through television and social media.

His value to any given cause is clear to see, with a PR dream allowing employers to tap into markets on both sides of the Atlantic. He is, however, a player first and foremost and must ensure that his output on the pitch matches all that he continues to enjoy off it.

He has the perfect stage on which to enhance a blossoming reputation in the English Premier League, but questions have been asked of how long he will be sticking around in West London.

Fresh start

Injuries have been a problem for Pulisic across his time with the current holders of a prestigious Champions League crown, with niggling knocks proving difficult to shake. If he is unable to take to the pitch, then he is not much use to Thomas Tuchel and Co.

The hope is that fitness problems, as covered by, have now been left in the past, with a prolonged spell in the Blues team about to be taken in. It is yet to be determined, though, what role will be played in long-term plans.

Versatility is a useful string for any bow, with the ability to fill various different positions suggesting that said performer will never be far from his manager’s thoughts. Said qualities can, however, be as much of a hindrance as they are a help.

Pulisic has been moved between attacking and defensive berths to cover the enforced absences of others of late and in truth has not looked entirely comfortable when being shifted around a metaphorical chessboard. He does not want to be a pawn when standing as king is up for grabs.

There is plenty of competition at Chelsea for that role, with Roman Abramovich investing heavily in a star-studded cast of world-class operators. With that taken into account, will Pulisic find himself left in the shadows?

He is deserving of more, of that, there is no doubt, and there have been no indicators from the man himself that he is considering another change of scenery. Others have done that talking for him, as reported by, and it may be that a fresh start is sought at some stage by a man looking to prove worthy of his Marvel moniker.

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