What is the antibody humanization?

Antibodies are the foremost field of biotherapeutic agents. This is the important antigen and long half-life and good production. The immunity of non-human antibodies is a  larger development and is overcome in part by humanization. Humanization by CDR grafting consists of translating genitors complementary finding the   CDR  into regions of the human framework (FR). This technic ambitions to minimize  the immunogenicity of antibodies in humans by dismissed  xenogeneic rest that doesn’t participate in antigen recognition

  • Development of parental antibodies (rat)
  • Sequencing of the parental antibody change the domain

Characterization of antibody


First of all the humanizing antibody is to develop a chimeric antibody. This antibody consists of parental variable blocks associated with appropriate human constant regions. The choice of human constant regions is critical as these divisions can support the biological functions necessary for optimal therapeutic activity.  It is simple and does not change the affection and specificity of the antibodies. The aggregate of rodent flexible divisions with human constant domains is the most common, but we can combine their variable domains with constant domains from different species.

Design of chimeric antibodies

  • Optimization of cDNA for expression in mammalian cells VH and VL.
  • Selection of constant domains
  • Synthesis of the sequences that encode the variable domains.
  • Cloning of sequences than for VH.
  • Production (CHO cell platform)
  • Pilot production and purification
  • Serum-free


This is a preparatory trample prior to the humanization of the vaccine to map the biological function of the parent antibody and reduce its immunity. On the other hand, chimeric antibodies can be used for therapeutic function in certain diseases.


Chimeric antibodies are the good other to serum and controllable in diagnostic assays. They are especially suitable because they can be produced in infinite quantities and homogeneously

  • Humanization of Silico

This is a  3D structure and parental antibody analysis

Advanced strategies based on primary sequence analysis and 3D structure modeling are implemented to select the best human scaffolds.

 CDR graft

CDR graft humanization consists of the combination of critical parental residues for the binding of antigens with framework regions of the human germline by molecular biology.

 Sequence Optimization

A global sequence optimization strategy is implemented to improve the physicochemical properties, manufacturability, and pharmacological ability of candidate antibodies.

  • modification of human

To select the best candidate, biophysical characterization of the variants can be suggested:

  • Flyer production and purification
  • Low endotoxin condition
  • Serum-free system
  • Custom build like isotopes
  • Affinity determination
  • Soluble aggregation characterization
  • Non-exhaustive list
  • Production of Recombinant Proteins and Antibodies

CHO stands for Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) transient gene show the technique is a widely used method. It is the rapid and efficient production of recombinant antibody candidates. This is especially important when the characteristic post-translational amplifying and proper protein folding are needed.

This platform is also suitable for the production of recombinant proteins that can be used as the detection antigens. Antibody production company provide the vaccine to protect against the attack of different germs in  our bodies

Sequence and Restriction


Antibody or Protein Sequences.

Antibody developed using or phage display technologies : rat, rabbit, or other species.

 Codon Optimization

cDNA Optimization for showing  in Mammalian Cells (CHO)


Gene synthesis and subcloning into previously established showing vectors as primers are already available for more species and isotypes.


Optimized transfection and DNA preparation protocol. Also, use of a patented cell and vector system that generates high antibody titers. Furthermore, the use of specific media free of animal components and optimized culture with low exposure


I hope you have clear and complete information about the antibody humanization

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