44.666.201 ltda brasilia

44.666.201 LTDA: A Brief Overview of a Nullified Company

44.666.201 ltda brasilia


Information Details
CNPJ 44.666.201/0001-06 – 44666201000106
Company Name (Razão Social) 44.666.201 LTDA
Date of Establishment 22/12/2021
Size (Porte) Not classified (Sem Enquadramento)
Legal Nature (Natureza Jurídica) Sociedade Empresária Limitada
Opted for MEI No
Registered Capital R$ 1,215,752,192.00
Type Head Office (Matriz)
Registration Status Nullified (Nula)
Date of Registration Status 22/12/2021
Reason for Nullification Nullification due to defects (Anulação por Vícios)
Contacts E-mail: [email protected] (Send Email)
Phone: (85) 3062-3106 (Call)
Location Municipality: Brasília
State: Distrito Federal
Activities – CNAES Main: 64.62-0-00 – Holdings of non-financial institutions
64.61-1-00 – Holdings of financial institutions
Shareholders and Administrators Pedro Paulo Silvino Coelho – Shareholder-Administrator
Qualification of responsible person Shareholder-Administrator
About The company 44.666.201 LTDA with CNPJ 44.666.201/0001-06 was founded on 22/12/2021 in Brasília, Distrito Federal. Its main activity, according to Receita Federal, is 64.62-0-00 – Holdings of non-financial institutions. Its current registration status is Nullified.





In the business world, companies come and go, some flourishing and becoming household names, while others face challenges and eventually cease to exist. One such company is 44.666.201 LTDA, which was founded on 22nd December 2021 in the bustling city of Brasília, Distrito Federal. However, its journey was short-lived as it faced an unexpected turn of events that led to its nullification. In this article, we will take a closer look at the key information and events surrounding 44.666.201 LTDA.

The Beginnings

44.666.201 LTDA was established as a Sociedade Empresária Limitada, indicating its status as a private limited liability company. It was categorized as “Sem Enquadramento,” meaning it did not fall under any specific size classification. Despite this, the company boasted an impressive registered capital of R$ 1,215,752,192.00, a substantial sum that hinted at ambitious plans for the future.

Activities and Structure

The primary activity of 44.666.201 LTDA, as per the Receita Federal, was classified as “Holdings of non-financial institutions” under CNAES code 64.62-0-00. This suggested that the company was involved in holding assets and interests in other non-financial institutions, possibly diversifying its business portfolio. Additionally, it had a secondary activity listed as “Holdings of financial institutions” with CNAES code 64.61-1-00, indicating a potential interest in the financial sector.

Leadership and Administration

The company’s leadership and administration were overseen by Pedro Paulo Silvino Coelho, who held the position of Sócio-Administrador, or Shareholder-Administrator.

The Untimely End

Unfortunately, despite its promising start, 44.666.201 LTDA faced an unexpected and unfortunate fate. Its registration status was marked as “Nula” or Nullified. The nullification occurred on the same date as its registration, 22nd December 2021. The reason cited for this abrupt end was “Anulação por Vícios” or Nullification due to defects. However, further details regarding the specific vices that led to this outcome were not disclosed in the available information.


The story of 44.666.201 LTDA serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of the business world. Despite its ambitious beginnings and significant capital, the company faced challenges that ultimately led to its nullification within a short period. While the exact reasons behind this unfortunate turn of events remain undisclosed, it highlights the importance of robust governance and adherence to legal regulations in the corporate landscape. As the business world continues to evolve, companies and entrepreneurs must remain vigilant and resilient in their pursuit of success.


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