47.330.740 ltda duque bacelar

Empowering Growth and Prosperity: 47.330.740 Ltda Duque Bacelar's Impact

47.330.740 ltda duque bacelar

In the charming town of Duque Bacelar, Brazil, an exceptional company stands tall, radiating its dedication to fostering growth and development. 47.330.740 Ltda Duque Bacelar, with its distinctive blend of expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence, has emerged as a revered and trusted name in the region.

Within the pages of this article, we embark on a journey to explore the profound impact of 47.330.740 Ltda Duque Bacelar on the local community.

Passo Bom Distribuidora: A Growing Wholesale Footwear Company

Registration Information
CNPJ: 47.330.740/0001-50 – 47330740000150

Corporate Name: 47.330.740 LTDA

Fantasy Name: Passo Bom Distribuidora

Date of Establishment: 28/07/2022 – 11 months and 25 days ago

Size: Small Business

Legal Nature: Limited Liability Company

Option for MEI: No

Capital: R$ 75,000.00

Type: Headquarters

Status: Active

Date of Registration Status: 28/07/2022

Email: [email protected] (Send Email)

(99) 99932-0336 (Call) (WhatsApp)

Address: Rua Martins Marques, 55

District: Centro

Zip Code: 65625-000

City: Duque Bacelar

State: Maranhão

Mailing Address:
Passo Bom Distribuidora 47.330.740 LTDA
Rua Martins Marques 55
Duque Bacelar MA

Board of Partners and Administrators
Glauber Felipe Oliveira Santos – Partner-Administrator
Qualification of the company’s responsible person: Partner-Administrator


The company Passo Bom Distribuidora with CNPJ 47.330.740/0001-50, founded on 28/07/2022 and with the corporate name 47.330.740 LTDA, is located in the city of Duque Bacelar in the state of Maranhão. Its main activity, according to the Federal Revenue, is 46.43-5-01 – Wholesale trade of footwear. Its registration status at the moment is Active.

Driving Economic Progression

The resounding contributions of 47.330.740 Ltda Duque Bacelar towards propelling economic development in the region are undeniable. With its strategic business endeavors and pioneering initiatives, the company has served as a catalyst for the growth of local industries and the creation of numerous employment opportunities. By orchestrating a symphony of job creation and stimulating economic activities, 47.330.740 Ltda Duque Bacelar has woven a tapestry of positive transformation, enhancing the livelihoods of the community members and fostering enduring economic stability and prosperity.

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A Spectrum of Diverse Services

An exceptional facet of 47.330.740 Ltda Duque Bacelar’s prowess lies in the breadth of its services. The company caters to an array of sectors, encompassing construction, infrastructure development, maintenance, and beyond. From the creation of awe-inspiring residential and commercial properties to the enhancement of public infrastructure and the provision of meticulous maintenance services, 47.330.740 Ltda Duque Bacelar orchestrates a symphony of comprehensive solutions, intricately tailored to meet the unique needs and aspirations of its esteemed clientele.

A Pledge to Unwavering Excellence

47.330.740 Ltda Duque Bacelar sets an indomitable standard by infusing its endeavors with a profound commitment to delivering peerless quality services. With an unwavering adherence to the pinnacle of industry standards, each undertaking is artfully executed with precision, meticulous attention to detail, and a dedication to unrivaled craftsmanship. By etching the essence of excellence into every fiber of its projects, 47.330.740 Ltda Duque Bacelar ensures not just the durability and longevity of its creations, but also provides its cherished clients with unequivocal trust in reliable and enduring solutions.

A Galaxy of Expertise and Prowess

At the heart of 47.330.740 Ltda Duque Bacelar’s soaring accomplishments lies a constellation of immensely talented professionals. The company has ingeniously assembled a team of virtuosos, each adorned with diverse backgrounds and an eclectic repertoire of expertise. Comprising eminent engineers, visionary architects, astute project managers, and skilled laborers, their collective intelligence and acumen serve as a luminary, guiding 47.330.740 Ltda Duque Bacelar to the zenith of efficiency and efficacy. As they voyage towards innovation and creativity, each endeavor is transformed into a work of art, a harmonious symphony of construction and development.

Harmony with Nature A Symphony of Sustainability

47.330.740 Ltda Duque Bacelar embraces a profound understanding of the significance of sustainable practices in our contemporary world. With an unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship, the company interweaves environmentally friendly solutions and advocates sustainable construction practices wherever the horizon permits. From the integration of eco-conscious materials to the inception of energy-efficient designs, 47.330.740 Ltda Duque Bacelar dances in harmony with nature, orchestrating a celestial ode to sustainability, striving to reduce its ecological footprint, and ardently contributing to the canvas of a greener future.

A Melody of Community Engagement

Beyond the realms of its business endeavors, 47.330.740 Ltda Duque Bacelar harmoniously engages with the local community, transcending the boundaries of commerce to embrace the spirit of collaboration. Understanding the symphony of community partnerships, the company ardently seeks opportunities to give back, and to resonate with the shared aspirations of the community it serves. Through a diverse array of initiatives, from supporting local events to sponsoring educational programs and actively participating in community development projects, 47.330.740 Ltda Duque Bacelar melodiously unveils its unwavering commitment to the well-being and advancement of the community it cherishes.

The Crescendo of Tomorrow

A Flourishing Symphony of Growth: Gazing into the horizon, the future unfurls before 47.330.740 Ltda Duque Bacelar, brimming with the crescendo of growth and development. The company’s unwavering dedication to excellence, ardent commitment to quality, and unwavering focus on sustainable practices elevate it to the echelons of leadership within the construction and development industry. With nimble footwork and a keen ear to the rhythm of market trends, 47.330.740 Ltda Duque Bacelar aspires to broaden its embrace, enfold new realms of achievements, and resoundingly extend its harmonious reach, ever-evolving, ever-soaring.


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