Best Truck Performance Upgrades Out Now

The truck you buy from your local dealer isn’t the truck you’re stuck with. Instead, it’s an opportunity for you to experiment and have fun. Check out these top truck mods to customize your truck and boost its performance.

Why You Should Invest in Truck Mods

Some truck mods improve your truck’s ease of access, making it simpler to get into and out of your vehicle. Mods such as nerf bars are particularly popular if you like offroading and have to step down onto the uneven ground. They’re also helpful for people with kids and others who have trouble with big steps.

For the back of your truck, installing folding tonneau covers makes it much easier to take things in and out of your bed. These covers are just as secure as the one-piece model your truck may have come with, and many of them include locking systems. Because these covers are flat against your bed’s walls, they decrease your truck’s resistance, leading to higher gas mileage.

How To Increase Horsepower & Torque

Many popular mods involve taking your horsepower and torque to the next level. If you’re wondering how to make my truck faster, try a bigger throttle body. This part controls how much air your engine takes in, so the wider its diameter, the more oxygen your combustion process receives. You can also add a throttle body spacer for an extra boost of air. Both mods add as much as 25 horsepower to your performance, leading to a cleaner acceleration process.

For more horsepower boosts, try a cold air intake. Drawing on the air outside your vehicle, the part pushes cold air into your engine. Because the air is cool, it is denser and more oxygen-rich, so your combustion process can happen much more quickly and efficiently.

If you’re interested in raising your torque as well as your horsepower, check out a new exhaust header or manifold. These parts speed up your exhaust’s exit, giving the cylinders more room to continue powering your vehicle. If you choose the right model for your truck, your horsepower could go up by 10 to 30.

Similarly, a cat-back exhaust system also expedites your exhaust system and prevents particles or gas from building up there. When you install this part, which goes near your catalytic converter, you need to get a new exhaust pipe and stock muffler. As with your throttle body, choose exhaust systems with the widest diameter for the best results.

Finally, if you want to see the biggest difference in your truck’s performance, install turbochargers or superchargers to take advantage of forced induction. These components increase the density of the air entering your engine, increasing your fuel efficiency and acceleration speed. Expect your torque and horsepower to go up by at least 50% after you install turbochargers or superchargers.

The next time you have a few hours to work on your truck, try a few of these mods to personalize your ride like custom floor mats for trucks and look to improve its performance.

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