Top 5 Best Crypto Exchanges With Low Fees

When you are looking for a good ETH to XMR exchange to swap your coins, any of them, you want to make sure you get the best conditions. Transaction and other fees can make a difference, so, you might want to find out what platforms charge the lowest fees. Here, we have chosen the top 10 of them. 

Lets Exchange

It is one of the newest instant cryptocurrency exchange services. Even though the service hasn’t been around for ages, it has already taken its niche in the crypto market. This online cryptocurrency exchange offers users the following benefits:

  • No hassle transactions without KYC, registration, or verification.
  • An impressive selection of coins (more than 300 crypto coins are available).
  • Fees are calculated immediately when you provide the data needed for a swap. The displayed sum is the sum you get to your wallet.
  • Benefits of having an account are available (registering is not mandatory though).
  • Non-custodial service offered by the service means that you are the only one who has complete control over your funds. You have your wallet, keep your keys, and manage your funds. It provides an additional level of security.


CoinSmart is another reliable exchange with comfortable conditions for traders. Here, you can count on the following benefits, along with profitable rates, of course:

  • 24/7 customer support is available.
  • High safety level.
  • Cold storage wallets increase the security level.


PrimeXBT is a new generation platform that offers its users a wide set of trading opportunities for both beginners and experienced traders. The benefits here are mostly connected with trading, therefore, they are interesting for traders mostly:

  • A wide set of trading tools.
  • Low fees along with fast order execution.

Change now

change now is a non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange service with low fees and other beneficial conditions. Here, you can count on all the benefits a non-custodial instant exchange can offer:

  • Non-custodial services.
  • More than 10,000 cryptocurrency pairs can be traded in any direction.
  • No limitations on swaps (their number and upper limits for the number of coins).
  • Bank cards are supported for fiat transactions.
  • No registration if you don’t trade fiat money.


It is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. There, you can exchange more than 150 coins in all directions. Here, you can count on the following benefits:

  • High-security level.
  • It provides all the needed information for trading.
  • Bank cards and bank accounts can be used to deal with fiat money. 
  • Fees are low indeed for those who use Binance Coin or have a VIP account. 

Here, we shall note one detail though. While Binance is among the top exchanges in the world and is a good one indeed, it does keep your private keys if you use the platform wallet. And to use the service, you do have to register an account and to use their wallet. So, you do not have complete control over your funds stored there. While it is convenient indeed for day trading, those people who prefer long-term investments might consider it as a significant drawback.


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