5 Reason why TemTem is Different than Pokemon

Temtem is a vast online MMO game recently released, that takes so much influence from the all-time popular, Pokémon and that is the reason why it’s so tempting to compare both these titles even if you are all new to this little monster-collecting genre of games. But before we actually do that let’s talk a bit about the game itself.

What is Temtem?

Temtem is an online MMO fantasy game where you spend majority of your time trying to tame and capture cute little monsters and evolving them up in combats with other players, unlocking more powerful attributes to use for your advantage. If you have ever played any of the Pokemon games, this will look a lot familiar, as you start off the journey with your new monster friend to fight against other evil opponents that sometimes come out of nowhere, which totally brings back some fun memories about team rocket.

There is no denying that Temtem drives its inspiration from Pokemon and many people claim it to be a complete rip-off but that’s not the case. Temtem has introduced some key changes that makes it so much more interesting, especially for those Pokemon fans who crave more hardcore experience.

Complete Online Multiplayer Experience

Temtem, unlike Pokemon (which offers a small number of online features) is a complete online multiplayer game with a massive player-base as well. This single feature itself make a lot of difference as it gives player the ability to play with their friends and million other players around the world to make their journey more enjoyable. You can see hundreds of players running around, hustling to complete the quests to earn TemTem pansuns, find rare temtems in the middle of a garden and so much more. Don’t have TemTem yet? You can look up cheap TemTem cd key to find the best prices available from different retailers.

Temtem Sets the Difficulty Bar high

One of the key features that make Temtem totally worth playing for more strategic players, is the addition to the old creature combats. It includes an attack or stamina gauge that gets filled every time you choose a move which restraints players from spamming the same moves over and over again.

Temtem also makes it very challenging to find rare temtems (or you can call them “shiny” Pokemon) but also gives them different ways to go about doing that which allows the players to be creative in their approach.

In-depth Gameplay

One of things that many old players wanted from Pokemon, was fresh content and new storylines as the old ones became too easy and also the fights weren’t too difficult for the majority of players. The franchise did try to change things with other titles such as Pokemon Go, which was a total blast back in the past.

The developers of Temtem keeping this in mind, made some drastic changes to the classic gameplay to fit the new generations’ needs. Unlike starting the game with basic grass, water and fire trio by default, Temtem lets you choose a starting buddy which remains with you throughout this epic journey.

Another thing that makes Temtem different from Pokemon is the dual battles, meaning you’ll have to fight with and against two temtems at once. This makes the battles way more interesting and challenging, as you have to come up with more advanced strategies to make them work together in order to win battles.

These are just few of the many reasons why we think Temtem is different from Pokemon. The game is heavily inspired and respects the old classical ways but also realizes the needs of the new generation of Pokemon fans.

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