Judge Clears Universal in Lawsuit Over Ana de Armas Trailer in ‘Yesterday’

Oh, the movie magic mix-up that had folks scratching their heads! But fear not, because Universal won’t be facing the courtroom drama for featuring Ana de Armas in trailers for Yesterday, when she didn’t even show up in the movie’s final cut.

Yep, the legal spotlight dimmed as U.S. District Judge Stephen Wilson decided that the folks with the popcorn and the popcorn cravings can’t sue Universal. Why, you ask? Well, it turns out they didn’t base their movie night decision on what the studio said in the first place.

Legal Twist: Ana de Armas and the ‘Yesterday’ Trailer Controversy

Let’s rewind a bit. There were these movie buffs, Peter Michael Rosza and Conor Woulfe, who filed a lawsuit last year. You know why? They caught a peek of the Yesterday trailer and thought Ana de Armas was going to play a pretty big part in the romance and comedy shenanigans.

But guess what? When they hit play on the actual movie, de Armas was nowhere to be found. A twist worthy of a Hollywood script, right? They argued that the studio tricked them, ’cause the search results listed de Armas as part of the cast. Sneaky, right? But Judge Wilson pressed pause on that claim.

He said, “Hold up, Conor!” See, Conor decided to give the movie another shot via Google Play, thinking there might be a director’s cut with de Armas strutting her stuff. But the court said, “Nah, buddy, your movie-night mishap is your own doing.” Turns out, Conor’s second watch wasn’t influenced by what Universal said about de Armas being in the movie.

Ana de Armas
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And by the way, there was no reason to think the Google Play version was some secret treasure map to a different movie altogether. So, why was de Armas all over the trailer but not in the movie? Well, turns out, she was supposed to be Himesh Patel’s love interest, but her scenes got snipped out when the final version rolled around. You’d think that trailer was a sneak peek into an alternate universe!

The complaint said Universal waved de Armas’s star power wand to get folks into the theaters and clicking “rent” at home. They couldn’t bank on Jack Malik or Ellie’s fame to rake in the big bucks, so they thought, “Hey, let’s sprinkle some de Armas magic on this promo cake!” But the court ruled the magic trick wasn’t really false advertising or unfair competition.

Ana de Armas’s Mysterious Movie Trailer Presence

So, there you have it. Movie trailers sometimes have a little bit of fairy dust that doesn’t quite make it to the final reel. But no legal drama this time around. Just a twisty tale of movie night mishaps, a vanished star, and a judge who didn’t buy the magic show accusations. Abracadabra, case closed!

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