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1000-lb Sisters: Why Fans Are Calling Amy Slaton A Bad Mom

Amy Slaton has several 1000-lb Sisters viewers in an uproar about her parenting after she admits to smoking while pregnant with her son.

Amy Slaton of 1000-lb Sisters has had to deal with a lot of hate over the years, including viewer backlash over recent comments she made about pregnancy. Amy’s one goal in life was to be a mother, and she finally achieved her dream when she welcomed her son Gage into the world. The 1000-lb Sisters star and her husband, Michael Halterman, had been wanting to expand their family for some time to include children.

Thanks to Amy’s dedication to losing weight, the couple was able to conceive a child. The 34-year-old reality star welcomed her son last year and has only thought about adding a second child to the mix since. The couple has since announced that Gage will be a big brother this coming summer. Amy has made strides in her life, including moving into her own Kentucky duplex.


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For the most part, Amy comes across as put together mother, but after she admitted she smoked while pregnant, 1000-lb Sisters viewers were very upset. The worst part is Amy told The Sun that she is still smoking while pregnant with her second child. Even though Amy shared she is no longer drinking, she did divulge that she is smoking five cigarettes a day but is trying to cut down. Sadly, when people choose to smoke during pregnancy, it increases the baby’s risk of some health issues.

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Naturally, 1000-lb Sisters viewers took to Reddit to air out their grievances. While some participants in the thread by user tonyislost weren’t shocked by Amy’s actions, others called her a “degenerate.” Even though viewers hoped Amy wouldn’t smoke during her second pregnancy, it looks like she’s continuing with her bad habit. To many who watch the show, it doesn’t seem like Amy will make the changes needed to give her children a good healthy life. However, it could still be argued that she cares about her kids and genuinely wants the best for them.

Amy recently shared with 1000-lb Sisters viewers that she feels like a bad mom due to her participation in the TLC show.  Sadly, this is not the first time Amy’s mothering skills have been called into question. The Slaton sister acknowledged she doesn’t want to miss any monumental steps of Gage’s and has thought about quitting the show. The network has yet to announce whether Amy, Tammy, and the series’ other stars will return for a potential season 4, but viewers are hoping for an update soon.

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Source: The Sun, tonyislost/Reddit


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