JPMorgan Appoints Eisar Lipkovitz as Head of Trading and IBD Technology

In a recent memo, JPMorgan announced the appointment of Eisar Lipkovitz as the new head of trading and IBD technology, succeeding Mike Grimaldi. Unlike traditional senior technology hires in the banking industry, Lipkovitz comes from a background in advertising tech, with extensive experience at Google and more recently as the head of engineering at Lyft’s RideShare business.

Although Lipkovitz’s background may seem unconventional for a role in trading technology, JPMorgan expressed excitement about his arrival during this transformative time for the bank. Lipkovitz’s primary focus will be on modernizing the bank’s infrastructure, developing scalable platforms, and implementing artificial intelligence and cloud technologies. Notably, JPMorgan has been actively hiring AI experts globally for its investment bank.

Lipkovitz’s experience in search engineering at Google could also prove valuable, as both JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs are known to be working on their internal search engines.

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Known for his direct and plain-spoken approach, Lipkovitz may bring a fresh dynamic to the team, which includes several senior hires made by his predecessor. JPMorgan is eager to leverage Lipkovitz’s expertise as it pushes forward with innovative technology solutions and advancements.

With Lipkovitz’s arrival, JPMorgan seeks to strengthen its technology capabilities, enhance customer experiences, and stay at the forefront of the rapidly evolving financial landscape.

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