Andy Jassy’s Memo to Amazon Workforce: A Commitment to Innovation and Culture

In a powerful and reassuring memo to the Amazon workforce, new CEO Andy Jassy expressed his deep commitment to building upon the company’s innovative culture and customer-centric approach. The memo, seen as a PR masterclass, seeks to bring confidence to shareholders and employees alike, while addressing concerns about potential changes in the company’s direction.

Jassy, who had worked under Amazon founder Jeff Bezos for nearly two decades, conveyed his admiration for Bezos and his love for the company. He emphasized Amazon’s unique culture of starting with the customer and constantly reinventing strategies to serve their needs. Moving quickly and making bold, innovative bets to improve customers’ lives will remain at the heart of Amazon’s culture under Jassy’s leadership.

The new CEO acknowledged the challenges faced by the company, such as maintaining high stock performance, addressing worker-unionization efforts, and navigating regulatory scrutiny. However, he assured the Amazonians that their commitment to making Amazon better every day is unwavering. He recognized the employees’ importance and promised to work together to address issues and improve the company.

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The memo also highlighted Amazon’s significant impact in the world, from providing essential services during the pandemic to raising starting wages and empowering businesses. Jassy underscored Amazon’s commitment to sustainability, racial equity, and community development, showing the company’s dedication to creating a positive impact globally.

As Jassy assumes the role of CEO, the workforce can expect continuity in Amazon’s focus on customer needs, inventiveness, and relentless pursuit of excellence. The memo serves as a guiding light, assuring employees that Amazon’s core values will remain intact as they continue their journey to serve consumers, partners, and the world at large.

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