Health Insurance with Cancer Cover: Here’s All You Need to Know

There has been so much awareness about having an active lifestyle, benefits of meditation and exercising in general to ensure optimal daily functioning. It has brought so many people respite from their sedentary and lethargic ways of living. However, despite following all kinds of healthy habits, one can never be too sure when it comes down to health. This is because a majority of factors are at play, such as your age, your genetic makeup, your environment and circumstances, etc., that can hamper your progress.

A common disease that has seen a spike in recent years is cancer. The word ‘cancer’ evokes panic, anxiety, and stress for everyone. As it is a life-threatening illness, it often leads to shock and disbelief when diagnosed. In addition, it can have negative emotional and financial impacts for the ailing individual and their family. However, you cannot zero down the chances of being diagnosed with cancer, but you can protect your savings by investing in health insurance with cancer cover to minimize your end moment worries.

Therefore, it is always a good idea to stay one step ahead of such diseases, and one such way is to have comprehensive health insurance in place.

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Health insurance with cancer cover is a ticket to safety from the financial drain. It can save you from possible treatment costs and other skyrocketing medical expenses due to inflation in the healthcare sector. Let us understand its importance in detail.

Importance of Having Health insurance with Cancer Cover

Generally, basic health insurance plans do not pay the total expenses incurred for the treatment of cancer. They just cover hospitalization and in-patient treatment costs, which is why it is advisable to go for health insurance plans with cancer cover.

Under such health insurance plans, medical expenses related to diagnosis of cancer, second opinion and hospitalization at all stages of cancer- minor, major and critical are covered, saving you and your family from high expenditures and financial burden.

Eligibility Criteria for Health Insurance with Cancer Cover

Usually, the minimum entry age for health insurance with cancer cover is 18 years, and the maximum is 65 years. However, the renewal of such policy beyond 65 years would vary across different insurance providers.

Furthermore, the criteria for availing claim under such insurance policy varies across different insurance providers. Ideal criteria include:

  1. Lapse of the specified waiting period before making a claim
  2. The type of cancer you are suffering from, should be covered under the insurance plan
  3. Maintenance of documents and diagnostic tests related to the disease to ensure a successful claim
  4. Adherence to sub-limits, restrictions and exclusions mentioned in the policy wordings to avoid claim rejection on the grounds of non-eligibility at the time of a health emergency

Cancer affects men and women differently. While women are more prone to cancer of the breasts, ovaries and cervix, men have a chance of oral, prostate and lung cancer. These factors, along with the age and biological predisposition of the individual, should be considered while choosing a health insurance plan with cancer cover to make you eligible for the right type of policy and cover you for maximum expenses.


Benefits of Having Health Insurance with Cancer Cover

Health insurance with cancer cover can be a smart investment. It not only secures you financially but also brings mental peace and a sense of calm that if the unforeseeable were to happen, at least you can aim for the best treatment possible to improve survival chances. Some other benefits include:

  1. Tax savings under section 80D
  2. Sum assured can be enhanced if you decide to increase your total coverage amount during the policy renewal
  3. Second opinion benefit is covered if you’re not satisfied with the initial diagnosis and want to have other options in hand
  4. Hospitalization and treatment costs are covered so that there’s no compromise on health, and one can get admitted to renowned hospitals for better treatment options

As important as it is to take preventive measures and care for your health, nobody can predict when and what type of cancer can occur at which stage in life. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to have health insurance with cancer cover from trusted and reliable providers like TATA AIG, who have been in the industry for 20 years. They have comprehensive health insurance plans with cancer cover which offer a multitude of benefits. For more assistance, you can visit their website.



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