What to Look for When Buying CBD Oil Online

The sheer number of CBD products and brands available can confuse new users. It’s almost impossible to choose a CBD hemp oil store when there are so many – how can you tell which is best?

Fortunately, it’s not actually too difficult to discover the best companies. Any great CBD shop will publish information regarding a few things. Customers should always look for the list of things below; accessing this information will help you see which companies are the best and which to avoid.

Here are the top four things to look out for when shopping for CBD oil online.

#1 – Lab Reports

The most essential thing you can find from any CBD oils shop is lab reports. Currently, the CBD industry is not regulated by any governing body, resulting in defective products on the shelves.

Reputable companies combat this by sending samples off to third-party labs. The laboratories test the products to assess whether there are any toxins and impurities. They also test the cannabinoid content to verify whether the amount of CBD matches up to what’s on the label.

In most cases, you can find the certificates of analysis (COAs) on the company’s website. If a company is not lab testing and publishing reports, then it probably isn’t selling high-quality products.

#2 – Extraction Method

There are numerous ways to extract cannabinoids from hemp. Common methods include solvent, olive oil, or carbon dioxide. Olive oil extraction has meager yields, making it poor for mass manufacturing. As a result, solvent and carbon dioxide are more common.

Most industry experts consider CO2 extraction to be the best method. Unlike solvents, CO2 is safe for human consumption, meaning there is no risk of toxic residue. Plus, the carbon dioxide used in the process can be recycled, making it quite an efficient method – especially because it produces high yields.

The best CBD shops state the extraction method on the website. Remember that CO2 extraction can make products more expensive because it requires high-tech equipment and staff. However, it’s often worth paying the price for guaranteed safe CBD.

#3 – Sourcing of Ingredients

Where the CBD comes from is also important. It probably goes without saying that all reputable CBD should come from hemp, which is federally legal. Some manufacturers may extract cannabinoids from marijuana, which has a THC level that exceeds 0.3%; this is typically classified as cannabis oil, and it is not permitted in all states.

However, it’s also essential that the hemp itself comes from a reputable source. This hardy plant can suck up toxins in the soil, which is bad if the hemp goes on to be consumed.

It’s imperative to source hemp destined for consumption from places with strict growing regulations. The USA is the best place to source hemp, with states like Kentucky leading the charge for high-quality hemp plants. European farms are also relatively popular, though they come with added transport costs.

Avoid companies that source their hemp from Asia and beyond, as the plants are less likely to follow American standards. Find a brand with a USDA-certified organic label if you really want quality.

#4 – Online Reviews

When in doubt, find out what other people have to say. Most brands have a review section on their website, but the company can manage these and is likely to remove negative comments. It’s better to consult third-party review sites and independent bloggers.

It’s often easy to spot the best companies quickly since they will be mentioned a lot. Premium Jane, for example, is consistently reported as one of the best online CBD shops in the USA, with a variety of high-quality products and a string of satisfied customers.

When it comes to relatively new brands, you may also find negative reviews that indicate a scam or show up a company for bad customer service.

Third-party review sites are great for checking out whether a CBD store is trustworthy before you buy.

Final Thoughts on What to Look for When Buying CBD

Buying CBD oil can be confusing for newcomers to this supplement, but it doesn’t have to be a long-winded experience. By looking out for the above four things, you can immediately tell whether a CBD brand is worth the money or not.

In particular, viewing lab reports will ensure that you avoid scams and receive the best CBD oil.

But if shopping is already time-consuming enough, check out one of the top brands like Premium Jane to purchase high-quality CBD oil with no time wasted.


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