Baker Mayfield Wins Buccaneers’ Starting Quarterback Position from Kyle Trask

Well, hold onto your helmets because Baker Mayfield is taking over as the head chef of the Buccaneers’ offense this season! That’s right, the team made it official on a fine Tuesday – Baker Mayfield is their starting quarterback for the upcoming games.

Mark your calendars, folks – September 10th is the big day when Mayfield will step onto the field for his debut as the main guy. It’s like his chance to impress everyone and win his first-ever season opener. Talk about a high-stakes culinary show!

Now, here’s the backstory: Mayfield had a little competition going on with a guy named Kyle Trask. The Buccaneers even gave us a sneak peek with their unofficial depth chart before their preseason showdown with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The chart had Mayfield and Trask listed as “OR” options for the starting role. But guess what? Mayfield snagged the top spot, and Trask found himself in the backup booth.

Coach Todd Bowles was playing it coy earlier, saying they hadn’t made up their minds. But then, after a bit of practice, he gave Mayfield the nod to start. Looks like Mayfield’s baking skills won over the coaches, huh?

Baker Mayfield’s Quarterback Journey to Buccaneers’ Starting Position

Now, you might remember a certain Tom Brady, the GOAT himself. Well, after Brady waved goodbye (again) and headed into retirement, Mayfield joined the Buccaneers’ kitchen. They cooked up a one-year, $4 million deal, and that’s how Mayfield ended up in Tampa Bay. Before this, he was hopping around between the Carolina Panthers and the Los Angeles Rams.

Rumor has it that Mayfield had the upper hand over Trask back in June. He had more experience under his apron, having started in a whopping 72 games over five seasons. In those games, he threw a mind-boggling 1,386 passes for 16,288 yards, 102 touchdowns, and (oops) 64 interceptions. Oh, and let’s not forget, he even won a playoff game in 2020 – talk about a recipe for success!

On the flip side, Trask was meant to be Brady’s backup in 2021, and his cooking experience was a bit limited. He only tossed 3 out of 9 career passes for 23 yards, and that happened in a game against the Atlanta Falcons that wrapped up the 2022 season.

Things got interesting during training camp. In August, the Buccaneers’ offensive coordinator, Dave Canales, said Trask was stepping up his game. And get this – Mayfield was apparently struggling with a bit too much spice, throwing seven interceptions in just nine practices. Ouch! Bowles stepped in and gave Trask a pat on the back, saying he was doing a swell job of not giving the ball away like it’s hot.

When the preseason games rolled around, Mayfield got to start in the opener against the Steelers. He threw 8 out of 9 for 63 yards and even spiced things up with a touchdown. Trask took the reins in the second quarter and whipped up a 6-for-10 performance, throwing for 99 yards but also one little mistake in the form of an interception.

Baker Mayfield
image source instagram@bakermayfield

But hold on, folks, the story doesn’t end there. In the second preseason game against the New York Jets, Bowles decided to give Mayfield a timeout. Trask seized the moment and improved his skills, completing 20 out of 28 passes for 218 yards and delivering a 33-yard touchdown that tasted like victory.

So, what’s next on the menu? Tampa Bay is getting ready to welcome the Baltimore Ravens for one final practice round before the regular season frenzy begins. It’s like the final taste test before the real feast – let’s see who’s cooking up the most delicious plays!

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