Best Strikers in the UFC

The UFC has quickly become one of the most influential sports organizations in the world. Few sports in the world have become as rapidly successful as MMA. This is all thanks to the efforts of the UFC and its superstars. There is an amazing host of talent inside this organization, and each week, they continue to entertain and deliver great fights to their fans. With so much talent, however, it can often be hard to distinguish who is the best fighter in a division. The way MMA has different styles means that anyone can beat anyone on their day. A wrestler might be able to beat a striker but lose to a jiu-jitsu practitioner. With that being said, who are the UFC fighters who, pound for pound, have the best striking? Here are just some of the top candidates.

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Israel Adesanya

Middleweight champion Israel Adesanya was one of the most exciting additions to the UFC when he joined a couple of years ago. The New Zealand and Nigeria native was one of kickboxing’s most elite fighters. A multiple-time champion with so many impressive performances was certainly going to make a splash in the UFC. Since his introduction to the UFC, Adesanya is still undefeated at middleweight. His use of range, kicks, and punches have made him seem untouchable at times to even the top contenders. Next up for Israel Adesanya is Alex Pereira. The two have fought twice already, with the challenger coming out on top both times. This is going to be Adesanya’s toughest fight to date, and it is hard to tell if he is going to be able to avenge his losses. If you don’t feel confident betting on ‘The Last Stylebender’, then you might want to opt for other options for your gambling. The likes of could be a good platform for you to do this.

Cyril Gane

When you talk about steamrolling your way to a title, none have done it better than Cyril Gane. The French heavyweight did not even have much MMA experience before joining the UFC. However, that did not stop him from taking out the likes of Derrick Lewis, Alexander Volkov, and Junior Dos Santos. Gane has a Muay Thai background, which has seemingly given him a massive advantage over other heavyweights. The way he moves as a heavyweight is remarkable and worth tuning in for. Long gone are the days of slow, cumbersome heavyweights, and many of the rosters now move with the sleekness of lower-weight classes.

Dustin Poirier

Dustin Poirier has been a solid addition to the UFC roster for many years now. The two-time title challenger has also put on some of the most entertaining fights in UFC history. There is no doubt that he is a fan favorite, and this is largely down to his fighting style. Being a pressure boxer with heavy hands leads to entertaining bouts. When it comes to the top boxers in the UFC, Poirier is definitely worth a mention thanks to his skills.

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