The Journey Your Smartphone Goes Through After You Trade It In

Trading your old mobile phone in has a number of benefits. Not only is it a sustainable solution to e-waste that helps the environment, but you could also make a pretty penny in the process for something which you no longer even use!

Perhaps you’ve never traded in an old phone before but you’re considering doing so, or maybe you’re a phone-trading veteran who has clocked in every past phone you’ve ever owned– but the question remains, what actually happens once we wave goodbye to our old mobiles? We took a closer look into the journey our unused phones go on once we’ve traded them in.

Firstly, Where Can I Trade In An Old Phone?

We’re glad you asked! Whether you’re trading in the latest iPhone 11 or an outdated iPhone 5 – you’ll still get a great payment for trading in your old mobile. Of course, the amount you will receive is entirely dependent on the model and condition that your old mobile is in when you go to trade it, but for something which would otherwise just be clutter in a kitchen drawer, why not take the money instead? There are loads of companies online from well-known phone providers such as EE, O2, and Vodaphone, to smaller independent companies.

What Can I Get In Exchange?

Different phone trading companies have different policies, so it all depends on what you’re after. Some larger providers allow you to trade in your old mobile phone and in exchange, they take the value price off your new chosen phone which you wish to upgrade to. This can be a great option if you want the latest phone, but the cost upfront is a little out of your price range. Other companies offer in-store payments to your card or even cash sent to your doorstep. Be sure to do your research to secure the best possible deal for what it is that you’re looking for.

What Happens To My Old Phone Once I Trade It In?

Firstly, the phone will be wiped clean to its original factory settings, ready for its next owner. Once this is complete, any refurbishments will be made to fix the phone so that it is in perfect working order again. This can include anything from repairing a cracked screen to replacing a faulty battery. Once the phone is looking and working just like new again, your phone will be readvertised as a refurbished model to be sold on to a new owner, usually for a cheaper price point. This process completely eliminates e-waste and is a great sustainable option for recycling an unwanted phone to have a new life elsewhere.

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