44.918.610 ltda dario meira

L G Combustiveis Limitada (Posto Arena): Fueling the Journey Towards a Greener Tomorrow


44.918.610 ltda dario meira


In the quaint town of Dario Meira, situated in the picturesque state of Bahia, Brazil, a forward-thinking fuel company is making waves in the automotive industry. Introducing L G Combustiveis Limitada, with its CNPJ number 44.918.610/0002-25, commonly known as “Posto Arena.” Since its establishment on April 6, 2022, this fuel enterprise has been at the forefront of providing quality and sustainable energy solutions.

Information Details
CNPJ 44.918.610/0002-25
Legal Name (Razão Social) L G Combustiveis Limitada
Type (Matriz or Filial) Filial
Trade Name (Nome Fantasia) Posto Arena
Cadastre Status (Situação Cadastral) ATIVA
Cadastre Status Date (Data da Situação Cadastral) Not provided
Cadastre Status Reason (Motivo da Situação Cadastral) Not provided
Legal Nature (Natureza Jurídica) 2062 – SOCIEDADE EMPRESARIA LIMITADA
Special Status (Situação Especial) Not provided
Special Status Date (Data da Situação Especial) Not provided
Date of Establishment (Data de Abertura) 06/04/2022
Age of the Company 1 year, 3 months, and 17 days
Company Size (Porte – RFB) MICRO EMPRESA
Capital Investment (Capital Social) R$ 200,000.00
Last Data Update (Última Atualização dos Dados) 19/07/2023
Address (Logradouro) Rua Deolino A De Almeida, SN
Neighborhood (Bairro) Nova Jerusalem
City (Cidade) Dario Meira
State (Estado) Bahia
Postal Code (CEP) 45590-000
Google Maps View on Map
Phone (Telefone) (75) 8165-4476
Email (E-mails) [email protected]
Primary Economic Activity
Code (CÓDIGO) 47.31-8-00
Description (DESCRIÇÃO) Retail Trade of Fuel for Motor Vehicles
Secondary Economic Activities
Code (CÓDIGO) 47.29-6-02
Description (DESCRIÇÃO) Retail Trade of Merchandise in Convenience Stores
Code (CÓDIGO) 47.32-6-00
Description (DESCRIÇÃO) Retail Trade of Lubricants
Code (CÓDIGO) 55.10-8-01
Description (DESCRIÇÃO) Hotels
Code (CÓDIGO) 56.11-2-01
Description (DESCRIÇÃO) Restaurants and Similar Establishments
Code (CÓDIGO) 56.11-2-03
Description (DESCRIÇÃO) Snack Bars, Tea Houses, Juice Bars, and Similar Establishments
Partners and Administrators
Name (NOME) Laercio Guimaraes Oliveira
Qualification (QUALIFICAÇÃO) Sócio-Administrador
Date of Entry (ENTRADA) 01/12/2022


Company Profile:

Operating as a Filial (Branch), L G Combustiveis Limitada, or “Posto Arena,” stands as a Sociedade Empresaria Limitada (Limited Liability Company) dedicated to revolutionizing the fuel retail sector. Its captivating trade name, “Posto Arena,” reflects the company’s commitment to providing a transformative refueling experience.

Driving Sustainability:

With a capital investment of R$ 200,000.00, L G Combustiveis Limitada showcases its dedication to sustainable practices and eco-friendly initiatives. This Micro Empresa (Micro Enterprise) takes pride in making a positive impact on the environment while serving its clientele with utmost professionalism and reliability.

Empowering Automotive Sector:

As a key player in the fuel retail sector, L G Combustiveis Limitada’s primary economic activity centers around “47.31-8-00 – Comércio Varejista de Combustíveis para Veículos Automotores” (Retail Trade of Fuel for Motor Vehicles). By providing top-notch fuel products, the company empowers drivers to journey confidently, knowing their vehicles are fueled with quality energy.

Diversified Offerings:

In addition to its primary activity, L G Combustiveis Limitada caters to a range of secondary economic activities. These include retailing merchandise in convenience stores (47.29-6-02), offering lubricants (47.32-6-00), and even venturing into the hospitality sector with hotels (55.10-8-01), restaurants (56.11-2-01), and charming cafes (56.11-2-03).

A Vision for the Future:

With its focus on customer satisfaction, fuel quality, and sustainability, L G Combustiveis Limitada envisions a future where clean energy and innovative solutions drive the automotive industry.

Location and Reach:

Nestled at Rua Deolino A De Almeida, SN, Nova Jerusalem, Dario Meira, Bahia (CEP: 45590-000), L G Combustiveis Limitada strategically positions its fueling station to cater to the needs of motorists and travelers alike. Customers can reach the company via phone at (75) 8165-4476 or get in touch through email at [email protected].

A Journey Towards Excellence:

Driven by its visionary leadership, with Laercio Guimaraes Oliveira as the Sócio-Administrador (Partner-Administrator), L G Combustiveis Limitada continues to set new standards in the fuel industry. Through a commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer-centric practices, “Posto Arena” stands tall as a reliable fuel destination, powering both vehicles and aspirations alike.

Fueling the present while shaping a sustainable future, L G Combustiveis Limitada embodies the spirit of progress and innovation, driving Bahia towards a brighter and cleaner tomorrow.


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