Anglo-Hungarian Anti-Fraud Platform SEON Raises $94M in Series B Funding Led by IVP

seon 94m russiabrownecnbc

In a resounding testament to its innovative approach to combating online fraud, SEON, a London-based Anglo-Hungarian startup, has successfully secured a staggering $94 million in its recent Series B funding round. The funding was led by Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm IVP, with continued support from existing investors Creandum and PortfoLion.

94m ivp russiabrownecnbc

SEON, known for its cutting-edge anti-fraud platform, has garnered significant attention for its unique methodology in identifying and thwarting fraudulent activities. The company’s primary weapon in this battle is a meticulous analysis of a customer’s “digital footprint,” with a particular emphasis on their social media presence. By scrutinizing various aspects of a user’s online interactions and behavior, SEON’s platform effectively discerns authentic users from fake accounts, thereby fortifying its clients’ defenses against fraudulent transactions.

londonbased seon 94m russiabrownecnbc

This impressive feat comes on the heels of SEON’s previous accomplishment – a $12 million Series A funding round – which the company raised just last year. Bolstered by the success of its initial efforts, SEON has not only attracted substantial financial backing but has also managed to establish a noteworthy clientele including prominent names like Patreon, AirFrance, Rivalry, and Ladbrokes.

seon 94m ivp russiabrownecnbc

The injection of $94 million in Series B funding marks a pivotal moment in SEON’s journey, poised to propel the company’s expansion ambitions. The funds are earmarked to bolster SEON’s presence across three vital regions: North America, LATAM, and APAC. This strategic expansion aligns seamlessly with the company’s overarching goal of extending its reach to new markets and fortifying its position as a global frontrunner in the anti-fraud technology landscape.

londonbased seon 94m russiabrownecnbc

SEON’s array of distinguished clients now encompasses Revolut, NuBank, Afterpay, Sorare, and mollie, each of whom stands to benefit from the company’s innovative solutions in an era marked by the rampant acceleration of online consumer activity. The COVID-19 pandemic, which propelled digital transactions into overdrive, also fueled a surge in identity fraud. SEON’s technology-driven approach has enabled it to rise to this challenge, effectively mitigating the risks associated with the heightened prevalence of fraudulent activities.

Tamas Kadar, the CEO and Co-founder of SEON, expressed his enthusiasm for the company’s unique value proposition: “SEON is bringing something different to the fraud prevention market by offering an accessible and flexible solution, which delivers instant results. Once discovered, our solution can be trialed by potential customers in less than 30 seconds and up and running in less than a day.” This agility and efficiency have undoubtedly contributed to SEON’s rapid success and widespread adoption within the industry.

With the successful completion of the funding round, SEON also welcomes a new addition to its leadership. Michael Miao, a Partner at IVP, is set to join SEON’s board. Miao’s perspective reflects the significance of SEON’s endeavors: “Identity is one of the most important and biggest problems on the Internet. This product-led team is making a remarkable dent in fraud prevention by making it easy for every business to adopt its data-driven solution.”

In a landscape marked by competition and innovation, SEON stands as a formidable contender alongside industry peers such as Emailage, Iovation, and Threatmetrix. However, what truly sets SEON apart is its bold thesis that social media serves as a potent indicator of a legitimate user versus a fraudulent entity. By meticulously analyzing social media accounts, SEON has effectively positioned itself at the forefront of the battle against fraud.

Notably, SEON’s recent funding round also attracted the support of a notable lineup of angel investors, including founders and senior executives from esteemed companies like Aiven, Coinbase, Datadog, Doordash, Figma, G2 Crowd, GitHub, Public, Slack, Supercell, UiPath, Veriff, and Wise. This strong backing from industry luminaries further underscores the significant impact SEON is poised to make in the realm of anti-fraud technology.

In conclusion, SEON’s remarkable journey from its $12 million Series A to the monumental $94 million Series B funding round led by IVP attests to its groundbreaking approach to fraud prevention. As online transactions and digital interactions continue to define modern commerce, SEON’s innovative methodologies are likely to remain a cornerstone in safeguarding the integrity of online activities for businesses and consumers alike.

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