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10 Kids’ Show TV Theme Songs Guaranteed To Give You Nostalgia

Nickelodeon has announced an amazing series of panels for San Diego Comic-Con. One such panel will feature Spongebob Squarepants, one of the studio’s most popular shows. Having been airing since 1999, the show continues to garner new audiences as well as provide nostalgia for older viewers, partially thanks to its catchy theme tune.

Those who remember shows they watched as a child are sure to have a nostalgia shock when hearing their theme tunes again. They beautifully sum up the tone of the series they are attached to and have continued to follow these respective franchises, being reinvented again and again in order to appeal to older viewers.



what if ash ketchum won the pokemon league sooner, ash and pikachu

Pokémon is surely one of the most beloved cartoon series of all time, considering the anime show has continued to evolve over the years, matching up with the release of the Nintendo titles. One of the earliest theme songs that accompanied the show is still among the best ever.

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In fact, the “Gotta Catch Them All” catchphrase which is the main feature of the hook in regards to the lyrics of the classic theme song, is still associated with the brand today. The nostalgia associated with the musical composition is undeniable, as it calls viewers to action as they accompany Ash on his adventures.

Spongebob Squarepants

Patrick holding a shrinked Squidward in SpongeBob

Spongebob Squarepants is a ridiculous concept and it thus deserves a silly theme song that kids can sing along to and really engage with. Led by the captain who essentially acts, in some way, as the narrator of the show’s intro, it’s an earworm for even the newest of viewers.

But there’s something so iconic about the call and return opening, getting the viewer to interact with the captain himself, that draws in the audience further. The show itself has managed to survive all these years, garnering nostalgia for those who have watched it since it first aired. While other series have been tempted to change up what they are well known for, every single classic episode of Spongebob and modern hit has opened with the same song for Spongebob. 

Ben 10

Ben 10 still

Ben 10 was inventive and original. It’s been through a few different incarnations since its original release and even received a Cartoon Network movie, but fans of that first run would have always seen the potential for this sci-fi franchise to balloon out into something more. Regardless, that opening intro was unexpected.

Unusual, fast-paced, and feeling somewhat like it was of alien origin, it took the traditional rock feel of kids’ TV intros and took it to a completely different place. It might not be as memorable in terms of mainstream appeal, but to the cartoon’s fans, this is as nostalgic as they come.

Defenders Of The Earth

Defenders of the Earth

Defenders Of The Earth falls into the same category as shows like Masters Of The Universe in regards to its appeal and visuals. It didn’t quite get the attention of its brethren, but regardless, that intro is sure to bring back some memories for fans of the series.

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The opening of the theme is absolutely electrifying and the energy doesn’t drop throughout the whole composition. The way the song literally screams its title is definitely an unusual way for the TV show to stand out in a crowded market and announce to viewers that the action-packed show has arrived.


Scooby Doo Cast

“Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you?” was the intro to the much-loved theme tune based around the detective dog. There was something a little bit spooky but also whimsical to the composition, which announced to its audience that there was a lot of work to be done.

There have been so many theme tunes since that original classic, but the one that fans will likely feel the most nostalgia for is the first by David Mook and Ben Raleigh, with the initial performance by Larry Marks. The What’s New Scooby-Doo song might also stand out to some.

Phineas And Ferb

There were some truly great Saturday morning cartoons to enjoy for more recent generations, that still appealed to all ages. Phineas And Ferb is by far the standout, and the theme tune itself actually played a part in the narrative of the whole show. It was a checklist of sorts.

It documented all the adventures that the cast could and would go on. Each time a moment was ticked off that list, such as giving a monkey a shower, the show acknowledged it. By the end, fans could recount all the lyrics and when those events occurred.

Go Go Power Rangers

There have been so many iterations of the Power Rangers, each of which has its own theme song. But fans still love to sing “go go Power Rangers,” with the same riff that they remember from when they were kids, and it’s among the most energetic intros for the show.

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It was loud, proud, and completely cheesy, playing into the general tropes and themes of songs from the era. Fans are still nostalgic for the song and while there are others that would have to be mentioned by the hardcore fan base, this is the one with the most mass appeal.


X-Men Animated

The X-Men animated series perhaps did more than any other TV show when it came to introducing kids to Marvel Comics. For some, this was their first introduction to the Marvel Universe, so it’s no surprise that the concept is returning in the future with X-Men 97′

The theme tune, with the guitar riff that built continuously to the final battle between the Brotherhood and the titular X-Men, was nothing short of phenomenal. It’s so nostalgic that even the Marvel Cinematic Universe has begun to use it in conjunction with the group.


Recess Gang Disney Channel

Recess was a Disney show that hit a particular generation just at the right time. The schoolyard antics of this bizarre bunch were somehow completely relatable and hilarious. It’s shocking that a revival of the show hasn’t begun to make its way onto Disney+.

The intro could be compared to something like The Simpsons in its simplicity and yet recognizable nature. It felt like a school song and immediately introduced the audience to the tone and whimsical feel of the show.


Spider-Man Animated Series

When it comes to the webhead there are so many brilliant Saturday morning shows to choose from. The early Spider-Man song that everyone is familiar with has got to get a mention and was created in the 1960s by Paul Francis Webster and Bob Harris.

The animated version from the 1990s took a very different path in its formation, moving away from the cheesy lyrics of that early favorite and meeting the trends by leaning into the heavy guitars and exciting pacing. To those who haven’t even seen the show, it’s a definite standout.

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